How To Find High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing jobs that pay low rates and only help you minimally in getting by financially, are a dime a dozen. In case you are unaware, yes, there are opportunities out there to get higher paying freelance writing jobs. You only have to take the initiative so you won’t end up stuck in doing writing gigs with low pay. Build up both your writing skills and confidence, and follow these pointers in finding freelance writing jobs with higher rates.
Visit freelance writing resource sites. There is an abundance of freelance writing websites all over the Internet. But f course, you need to weed out the unimportant ones from the helpful ones. Some of these sites include job listings, freelance writing tips and advice, free newsletters and membership, links to online forums, etc. These resource sites exist primarily to help out freelance writers. Some recommended sites are The Freelance Writing Jobs Network, Online Writing, and

Get on the networking bandwagon. A writer may stay cooped up by himself as long as he wants to without anyone disturbing his peace and concentration, but that kind of routine won’t always work for a freelance writer who wants to earn bigger bucks. Networking is a very helpful step in building your freelance writing career. Get to know more important contacts—fellow writers, editors, industry professionals, etc. The more people you know and can consult with in the industry, the better chances you’ll have in getting information and access to more professional work, including those that pay higher rates of course.

Join online forums. The Internet would probably never run out of online forums. It’s like a meeting pace or melting pot for writers and employers—those looking for writers and those looking for writing jobs. It’s also a place where writers get to share and swap information on any freelance writing job openings. But again, you’ll have to weed through the forum conversations to find information on higher paying freelance writing jobs.

Consider that writing is also a business. You might be one of those writers with many months or a few years of sufficient writing experience, yet you still wonder why some writers were able to strike it out big and even better than you? It’s because they take the business side of freelance writing very seriously. Getting themselves into higher paying writing jobs didn’t just happen overnight. They are able to see the business side of writing and tackle their work as both a creative craft and something they can earn their bread from. These kinds of writers always think of ways to improve their writing and credentials. In doing so, they get better and better at what they do, and more and more prospective employers want to hire them. More employers are even willing to pay these writers higher rates for the quality of writing they can provide.

Brush up on marketing skills and advertise. As a follow up to understanding that freelance writing is a business, you also have to take note that you need to use marketing skills and principles like blogging and advertising your services. You can post your advertisement in online forums and in your blog. Blogs are also helpful in attracting clients and contacts as they can see firsthand how well you can write.

Getting paid higher rates is the ultimate for any freelance writer. However, this does not happen overnight. You need the right tools and skills to be taken seriously by a potential employer. And it also takes time and patience to weed out the higher paying writing jobs from the lower paying ones. Don’t give up. Just continue to build your skills and your self-confidence. Eventually, you’ll land better writing opportunities.


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