How To Find International Summer Internships

Internships are similar to training young individuals in their chosen paths or crafts. Sometimes it is good exposure to get internships internationally. It will give you exposure to different culture and environment bearing the same nature as your chosen craft. Getting a summer international internship can be a lot of work but if you know how to get it, it would be all worth it. Here are tips on how to get the internship you need:

  1. Pay your school’s career counseling center a visit. Ask your counselor what internship is best for you in the summer. Ask about international internships and if he can recommend to you any. International schools often contact local schools to give them a list of summer internships that are available in their country. Talk to your career counselor ahead of time. Do not approach him with just the internship requirements submission a week away. Always plan ahead of time and gather your documents at least a month before. Some documents take time to process.
  2. Ask your professors for referrals. Some professors have studied or worked abroad that they have a network of international acquaintances. Your professor might know some international organization that is looking for summer interns. Ask him for details if not a recommendation.
  3. Browse the Internet for international schools that need internship. You can find bulletins in their blogs or in their announcement pages. Take note of their email and contact numbers. Send out your resume at least a month before the internship submission deadline. Follow up occasionally but not too much that it becomes annoying. Contact schools from abroad and inquire about their internship programs. Do not hesitate to ask questions, as these are important for you to get that internship you need.
  4. Visit websites like World Youth Alliance for international internships. Be sure to read their rules and regulations carefully. Follow instructions and fill up your registration forms. Complete your documents ahead of time to avoid any delays. International internships appreciate students that anticipate submitting requirements.
  5. Seek the help of your relatives or friends. Some of your relatives may already have an experience on international internship that they can give you a recommendation. One of your friends might have an acquaintance overseas that can help you land an international summer internship. There is always that someone who can direct you to a person who has a way to these internships.
  6. You can consider unpaid international internships. Most interns get internships to earn money. Make money the least of your priority. Make experience and socialization your priorities. Ask the school for their arrangements. Some internships offer a small allowance instead of a full pay. Do not shun those internships away.
  7. Consider summer internships with international non-profit organizations. These organizations can offer you the same internship with private ones. They still credit your summer internship.

However way you get your international internship, it is sure to give you a valuable experience. It is a great opportunity for you to gain work experience even before graduating. It will be a stepping stone for you to be able to experience how it is when you finally step into the working world.


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