How To Find Jobs for Army Rangers when Out of the Army

They are known as the “world’s finest special operations light infantry force”. They take pride in the distinction of being recognized as a force to reckon with, highly capable of carrying out a wide variety of joint special operations and missions. After basking in the glory of being a member of the Army Rangers, what happens when you find yourself out of the Army? How easy is it to go from the Army to civilian jobs? It might take a while and you will certainly use all the determination and persistence you can muster, but it is possible.

  • Skills always come in handy. The same with any military training, army rangers are most certainly equipped with skills that may also be useful in civilian jobs. A good example is an army ranger’s leadership training and the ability to “think on their feet”. These skills will always be useful and are even demanded in other professions. So before you do any job hunting, first make an inventory of your skills.
  • Relate skills from military language to civilian language. As you go over your skills and core competencies, the next step is to relate these to practical situations that a civilian will understand. You can make use of websites offering services in translating your skills inventory to civilian job requirements. One website that does this is
  • Online job boards. There are several online job boards specifically catering to ex-military find civilian jobs. You may visit;; and
  • Option to utilize professional employment counseling and testing. This will really help clarify or establish good job matches based on your specific set of skills. There are even employment agencies who perform this service for free to veterans and are better equipped in finding jobs for former military personnel in civilian jobs.
  • State offices assistance. The Veteran's Administration office and State Employment Commission are sure to have some job leads for you. The Family Service Center even conducts workshops and seminars to assist you in your job hunting.
  • Your social network. Job referrals from your family, friends, and even past military colleagues will surely help in giving you a head’s up for job vacancies they know of. Your military colleagues will surely extend a helping hand because of the sense of camaraderie that exists among the military.
  • Believe that there is life after the Army. Never let a few bumps and challenges on your job hunting efforts convince you otherwise. In fact there are a lot of private companies and agencies that vigorously hire former military and special force soldiers like the Army Rangers for jobs security and defense jobs. These civilian agencies prefer ex-special forces soldiers for U.S. disaster relief organizations, law enforcement, Homeland Security and many other careers.
  • Always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. As in any unemployment situation, it’s best to prepare for the worst. Not everyone is lucky enough to come out of military service and land a job straight away. So make sure you have enough saved up for the “rainy days” to keep you financial afloat.

Good luck and in true Army Rangers fashion, may these tips help “lead the way” to your new civilian career.


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