How To Find Jobs for the Disabled

Disabled persons, no matter how they try to make themselves fit in the society, are still not given equal opportunities at work. Seeking employment, even with a college degree to back them up, is often met with disappointments. Employers tend to give more priorities to people with no disabilities for the reason that they are uncertain as to how a disabled worker will manage, given his disabilities. While there are assistance programs that help disabled persons find jobs, these are usually poorly managed and not well organized. Yet it always helps if one keeps an optimistic attitude in life. Here are tips on how to find jobs for the disabled:

  1. Avail of the services offered by the Vocational Rehabilitation Department in your state. This government agency extends assistance to disabled persons by giving them trainings on certain skills. Consider taking computer training as this is the key factor that will make you employable.
  2. Seek help from private organizations. There are organizations (national and local) whose primary aim is to give job placements to disabled persons. One of these is the American Association of People with Disabilities that educates and trains disabled individuals and helps them find job opportunities. Since this institution operates in the national and local levels, they surely have an office in your area.
  3. Ask help from the federal government. Each state has comprehensive programs for the disabled persons that include training and hiring assistance. Call or visit the vocational rehabilitation office in your state and inquire about the employment programs they offer for the disabled. Contact the U.S. Office of Personnel Management as they have a list of the job offerings for the disabled in every state.
  4. Enlist yourself at the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), which is a non-profit organization. This association provides opportunities for internship jobs. Demonstrate your desire to work in other skills that are not offered in the list. Aside from the AAPD, there are other profit and non-profit organizations all over the country that provide jobs for the disabled. Inquire about these groups from your local social services department.
  5. Undergo further education and training. College education is one guaranteed way towards employment. You may apply for educational grants if your financial means are limited. Pick a major field that is in demand these days such as computer and information technology, education, law and other areas that you can manage to handle regardless of your physical limitations.
  6. Enlighten the people (especially employers) on myths and facts regarding disabled persons. Sadly, there is a stigma attached to persons with disabilities. People tend to have less regard of them and they assume disabled people are just that – disabled. Non-performing. Unproductive. Dependent. Burden. These are some of the wrong notions that most people have on the disabled. Try to erase all these by explaining to others that disabled persons are also normal individuals that can perform jobs and be self sufficient if only given the chance.

Being disabled, you must not lose courage in seeking a job. This is a great way for you to prove to others you can support yourself and you are able to make a living, even for your family if you have any. Join cause groups in your area. Be active. Be seen. Be known. This way people will be more aware of you and they will realize and accept that disabled persons are also as capable as anybody.


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