How To Find Jobs in Charity Organizations

Maybe you were an activist in college. Maybe you’ve always had a soft spot for people in need. Maybe there’s a specific cause you’re fighting for. Or maybe you’d feel more fulfilled working for an organization directed towards giving back to the people instead of a corporation interested only in taking money from the people. Regardless of your reasons—congratulations for being interested in having a job in a charitable organization. Charity organizations are attracting more and more people, including those with highly specialized business skills and baby boomers as well. Finding a charitable organization is much like finding a regular company that will be interested in hiring you. Read on to find out how to find out how to find jobs in a charitable organization.

  1. Find a charity organization among the social causes you feel most strongly about. Before anything else, you have to have a social cause you’re interested in. You’ll be a more sincere and desirable candidate for a job if you choose to work for a particular cause that you feel passionately about. You will also known more about that specific field if you’ve been interested in it for some time. Identify which cause you care about most. Is it animal rights? Human rights? Workers’ rights? Immigration?
  2. Look for a charitable organization that shares your commitment. Begin searching in your city and try to look for a charity organization that reflects your attitude and commitment. If you live in a small to medium-sized city, there are probably some grass-roots organizations created locally. If you’re in a large city, you can easily find chapters of national charitable organizations. You can check the ads in your local paper or better yet, search for listings online. There are websites like,, and that contain a database of job listings for non-profit organizations in your area or across the nation. Many charitable organizations also list job openings on their websites.
  3. Figure out your strengths. Like any corporation, charity organizations have specialized jobs that will require certain skill sets out of their employees. If you’re good at organizing tasks and helping people discover their hidden talents, you can be a volunteer coordinator or volunteer manager. They are in charge of finding ways for their volunteers to participate in the organization’s voluntary work. If logistics, planning events, and finding sponsors are among your strengths, you can be in charge of charity fundraising. Even skills like web design and programming will allow you to work for a charitable organization. They will need an online presence if they want to solicit online donations and volunteers from a global audience.
  4. Become a volunteer. If you want to try out a particular charitable organization before making a full-time commitment, you can start out by doing volunteer work. Through voluntary work, you can tell a lot about how organized the group is, their number of resources, and how well they train the staff. Even if you choose not to work for that particular organization, you will probably establish contacts throughout the course of your volunteer work, which will be of use to you later.


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