How To Find Jobs in the Machine Tool Industry

The machine tool industry in the U.S. is of strategic importance to the country's defense industries. Although it has suffered a major decline in recent years due to automation and widespread use of computer operated machinery, there are still jobs that are available for those who are looking to work in this strategic industry. Here are some of them. 

  1. Machine tool operator. This is perhaps the most common job that you can think of in this industry. Although a lot of machine tool equipment are automated, these still need someone to turn them on and off for one and make that they are running without interruptions during the production process. Examples of equipment that need operators are lathe machines and grinding machines.
  2. Production engineer. This person is responsible for making sure that production processes are carried out at optimum levels. Since plants use high speed machines as manufacturing tools, the production engineer must ensure that these machines operate within maximum capacity, maintained on a regular basis to avoid costly repairs later on, and reconditioned on schedule to machine precision. In addition, a production engineer is also concerned in making sure that the plant is safe for employees to work. The production engineer, in sum, is concerned with establishing best practices in the production process.
  3. Manufacturing manager. This job entails management of all work streams and product development activities such as product line enhancement, extensions, upgrades, and cost reductions, for the company. The manufacturing manager is also in charge of planning and managing the budget, establishing and maintaining customer support, and setting of annual targets. One of the main responsibilities of a manufacturing manager is to ensure total customer satisfaction through product quality and speedy customer support. Another equally important responsibility of the manufacturing manager is to project the company's sales and production targets for the year. 

If you are looking for jobs in the machine tool industry, you can go ahead and look at You can search jobs by location and by job type. There are jobs available for China, India, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States, Russia, and New Zealand. Other types of jobs available in this site are the following: mechanical engineers, quality engineer and manager, sales managers and representatives, and lead man. Another web site where you can find jobs in the machine tool industry if you are in the United States is JobBank USA. It is very easy to search for machine tool industry jobs using that site. Just type in the word machine tool in the search box for keywords and it will pull up a list of jobs with that keyword. 

If you want to go through an agency instead of getting hired directly by the employer, you can visit International Search Consultants (ISC). This is an executive search firm that specializes in the CNC machine tool industry. They will connect you with CNC machine tool builders and distributors from the U.S. and abroad so there is a huge possibility that you can work abroad.


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