How To Find Loans and Government Grants for Farmers

Whatever the world may turn out to be and in spite of the huge leaps and bounds taken by the technological and scientific frontiers of humanity, the single most important industry that allows human civilization to exist is agriculture. We would not have been able to develop cities and empires without the advent of agriculture. Countries are dependent on a strong and stable agricultural industry to survive: without it, there is starvation, chaos and a failure to progress beyond third world status. As such, governments take the proactive route and offer grants and subsidies to farmers.

Loans and government grants are given to buffer the local agriculture economy from the massive influx of cheap goods from other countries. Local farmers need to be shielded from the effects of competition in an increasingly globalized market. If you are interested in getting financial assistance from the government, you may want to keep these points in mind while applying for government loans and grants.

  • Always remember the government that needs a compelling reason to provide money to you and your business. The government is notoriously stingy with money, so you will have to justify why it is the government’s duty to shell out cash for you. Be specific with what you are asking from the government. There are loans that aim to provide further education in farm management and land conservation, while other grants provide cash to assist in creating better housing for laborers. There are also grants given to those hit by disaster, or by those who want to start a new business. Find the compelling reason and see if there is already a grant for it.
  • You get government grants through the United States Department of Agriculture, through its Farm Service Agency. This is the federal branch of government that determines how loans and grants are to be disbursed. They provide incentives that help stabilize the projects for land and water conservation, uplifting the disadvantaged and impoverished, as well as providing relief for those struck by disaster. Try to approach these two agencies if you want a farm for sustainable development.
  • The US government’s website for grants can be an invaluable resource. You can simply go to and use the search function to find grants that are applicable to your interest. Check out keywords such as “Farm” “Agriculture” “Livelihood” and many more to broaden your horizons. You will have to winnow through a lot of different grants before you find one that perfectly suits your needs.
  • It is also suggested that you go approach your state government for help. The federal budget is not unlimited, and they have to incentive to pick you out of the thousands applying for government loan. Try to avoid the competition by getting your loan at the state level. Your local government can help, as well as your local union.

You may want to join your local farming chapter or union to get the word about possible openings for grants and loans. These people have a lot of information, and you just have to know how to ask the right questions and listen to the right answer, and you’ll surely hit the jackpot.


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