How To Find Online Teaching Jobs

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Finding online teaching jobs these days is an easy task to do, but getting accepted is a different story. Being an online teacher requires more skills to be qualified compared to a traditional teacher. There are factors that must be considered when evaluating your skills to see if you're suitable for the job.

Here are some of the important requirements and qualifications that a candidate must possess:

  • Bachelor's degree and a teaching license/certificate are needed for the high school level, online tutor programs and home school programs.
  • Master's degree in the subject you're going to teach is required to teach online at the college level.
  • Doctorate degree is the minimum requirement to teach at the university level.
  • Knowledgeable in navigating and using the Internet, email as well as teaching applications.
  • Ability to communicate in written form with students remotely. You may also discuss your perspectives and experience in a distance learning environment.
  • If you have insufficient experience with distance learning environments or online teaching, you may choose to enroll yourself for an online teaching degree. This will help you experience first-hand how interactions through online teaching work. Online teaching degrees are offered by institutes including the University of Phoenix, Jones University, PennFoster, Ellis University, Liberty University and Argosy University. Now, if you are qualified, then let's move on to your first step. To find online teaching jobs is the easiest part of your quest. Here are some steps and a list of institutes that may help you achieve your dream job.

    Step 1

    First is to make a list of schools, universities, and teaching programs that offer online teaching services or courses for students. Try researching over the Internet and find their official websites. Most universities and educational institutes do not advertise vacant positions in their faculty, so it is really important to see their official website for further inquiries.

    Step 2

    Submit your resume to their websites or fill out an application form provided by their website. You can search for vacant positions at the official website of the following universities and online tutoring programs:

    • University of Phoenix
    • DeVry University
    • Capella University
    • Creating Careers
    • eSylvan (Sylvan Learning Center Tutoring Service)
    • Coursebridge
    • Smart Thinking

    Step 3

    You can also choose to be a self-employed online tutor. The best thing about being an online tutor is that you can choose the schedule of sessions with your students, which also should meet the schedule requirements of your students. Being self-employed also breaks boundaries when it comes to income, since you have control of everything, from subjects you teach up to the number of students you'd like to accommodate. For more information try visiting, they're offering a book about how self-employed online teachers work and earn.

    Step 4

    Try looking up online teaching services in schools and universities in your city and ask if they have vacant positions for the field you are teaching.

    The good thing about teaching online is that you have the advantage to maximize your time by just working from home. The high teaching salary is also a plus, in addition to what you can save by deducting expenses for food and transportation. Basically, teaching online is very practical for job seekers that have a passion for teaching and learning, as well as earning. The only challenge about online teaching is that you are not able to interact with your students directly. Be sure to choose the institution that has instructional designs and course programs that are suitable to your style of teaching, and don't forget to keep your own knowledge current by enrolling in continuing education classes online.


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