How To Find Outdoor Jobs

Bored with the usual 8-hour day work? It might please you to find that outdoor jobs are really available for you to make a career out of! It may seem very difficult and unusual at the start, but if you are able to find one that really gives you fulfillment, then you are already on your way to finding success in a very enjoyable and upbeat career path.

One thing you need to remember though: the career path of outdoor jobs is not usually a steady one. It is not as stable as a corporate job that will have you climbing a steady uphill corporate ladder. Rather, you might find yourself going in many different fields before you manage to settle on one particular outdoor job that fits you. You might have to make some adjustments, especially if you are not used to that idea.

  1. Outdoor Educator. Outdoor class experience has its own perks. The outdoor educator or teacher is able to make use of the surrounding area to introduce topics to his students. This is a very rewarding career. A license to teach, health and alertness for the unexpected things outdoors are the primary requirements for this job.
  2. Camping and Hiking Instructor. An instructor of this type may not necessarily have a teaching license per se, but he or she will need ample experience and training in camping and hiking.
  3. Tour Guide. The most popular of the outdoor jobs, tour guides get the capacity to meet more people in their work, and they are able to make the whole field trip engaging and interesting for the guests. Knowledge of the area being explored is the primary must have for this job, as well as flexibility and a thirst for social interaction.
  4. Sled Dog Handler, Janitor and Other Maintenance Posts. Maintaining ski grounds and other outdoor recreation areas is done by sled dog handlers and other maintenance posts.
  5. Outdoor Recreation Facilitator. An outdoor recreation facilitator is the overseer of outdoor activities, especially of hobbyists in a vacation area.
  6. Adventure Planner. An adventure planner is one who plans the itinerary of his customers and makes sure that there is non-stop enjoyment and resources are maximized accordingly.

In doing outdoor work, you must also be up for it in many ways, most especially physically. You have to be in the best or most robust of health to be able to pull it off. Another thing to consider is the outfit or gear. You need to have foot support to avoid needless problems like arch pain. In outdoor work, your foot arch also tends to work overtime, so you need heel support through the use of the right outdoor arch sandals.

Online sites such as Job Monkey provide you with an avenue to be able to post your resume online and browse through the different outdoor job opportunities. (You can check it out at Also you might find it to your advantage if you check these websites regularly to see new postings as they come up. Affiliations with outdoor work are also very reliable. You can check out the postings or websites of associations such as the Association for Experiential Education.


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