How To Find Painting & Decorating Apprenticeships

Finding an apprentice job can be quite easy, although it may be dependent on your geographical location and the time of the year. There are more apprenticeships during the summer months. Being an apprentice painter or decorator can be a rewarding task that can lead to a better job in the future. Almost all apprenticeships require hands-on work, which can be physically demanding. It also usually includes on-the-job training. As a decorator or a painter, there are other skills that you can learn which form part of the painting and decorating tasks that you will encounter as an apprentice or as a regular worker. Check out the ways on how to find a painting and decorating apprenticeships.

  1. Check out the local painting and decorating contractors in your area and see if they are in need of apprentices. Bear in mind that an apprentice job commands quite a low salary and your main objective should be to be taken in and then learn the ins and outs of the business. You will gain the necessary training and skills on the job free of charge. You will usually have to start by learning the tools of the trade and how to use them and ways to approach each task swiftly and economically.
  2. Inquire about the availability of painting and decorating apprenticeships from paint centers and decorating showrooms. They are constantly in contact with contractors and firms who may be in need of apprentice workers for temporary work. Leave your name and contact information or better yet prepare some personal fliers that you can leave with these shops. It will then be easier to get in touch with you if something becomes available.
  3. Gain some preliminary knowledge by helping friends and relatives when they are going to do some painting and decorating projects in their home. They may also be hiring some contractors and you can observe how the work is done. You may be able to persuade the contractor to add you to their list of temporary workers. Make sure that you impress them by working hard and displaying the willingness to learn and following instructions. Ask questions if the people working are willing to give you an answer. Ask how they get started on the business and if they went apprenticeships themselves. Ask for pointers on how to find one and ask for referrals if they have any.
  4. Learn other related trade skills related to decorating and painting such as wallpaper removal and installation, faux and decorative painting, and constructing drywalls. These will come in handy someday and may be your stepping stone to getting a permanent job. You can earn by doing these jobs while waiting for apprenticeship opportunities from bigger firms.

Read textbooks and trade journals on decorating and painting. Know how to mix colors and how to read color charts, match and contrast colors and how to use colors to bring out the beauty of a room or an area. A job in painting and decorating involves a lot of creative work and honing your creative skills will give you a good head start when looking for apprenticeship jobs.


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