How To Find Summer Jobs in Palm Beach

Imagine yourself enjoying the Breakers Hotel, Wally Findlay Galleries, Worth Avenue, or maybe the Four Arts Gardens. Imagine Palm Beach - the same area where Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Donald Trump, and the Kennedy Family once lived. Don't worry about the expenses when you're planning to move to Palm Beach. You can move to it with pay - yes! Just find a summer job in Palm Beach.

Palm Beach, like the Miami Beach and South Beach, is giving prestige to Florida for their stunningly beautiful beaches. Among the notable towns of the Palm Beach area are Jupiter Beach, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach. Wherever you feel like working is okay as long as you enjoy gardens, royal treatment, and classy country jobs.

Though you won't be in the Palm Beach as a guest, at least, you can be there without spending as much, and instead earning some cash. Summer is the best season to work in this area, and that should be your target if you want to get the best of both worlds.

Now, how will you find summer jobs in Palm Beach? Here are some great ways to do that:

Research the library. The local library in any Palm Beach area surely has some information on where you can work for the summer. Go to the information desk or look up the local directory. Maybe scanning some papers will help you get a good summer job there. The best thing about researching in the library is that you can have a one-stop point for all the possible sources of information to get the job. The library has newspapers for the classified ads, the yellow pages, and computers to surf the Net. But if that seems boring, well, you have other ways to find summer jobs in Palm Beach.

Search the Web. The library and the Web have something in common - they both have loads of information in one place. What makes the Web beat the library is that accessing the information through the Internet is as fast as your fingers and clicking of the mouse. If you want to make the searching even faster, better cut out searching through Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Go directly to these websites and look for summer jobs in Palm Beach:

  1. This website has a useful search engine that can take you to the summer job title you want. For instance, if you want to be a life guard or a swimming trainer, then just type that in the search field. Don't forget to put in Palm Beach in the search field for region. This will delimit your searches to summer jobs offered only in Palm Beach.
  2. JobING - Palm Beach. Simply use the website's search engine, select the country, and hit the search button. Now, you can select the summer jobs in Palm Beach that appeal to you the most.
  3. Other useful websites where you can have a fruitful visit are,, and

So, where do you want to spend your summer job in Palm Beach? Boynton Beach? Delray Beach? Or Jupiter Beach?

Anyway, if you get bored with Palm Beach, you can always find other summer jobs in nearby countries like South Beach and Miami Beach. But don't expect to see the Four Arts Gardens, Breakers Hotel, and the royal Wally Findlay Galleries in those other Florida hot spots.


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