How To Find the Average Accenture Starting Salary

The average Accenture starting salary is determined by many factors. However, due to time constraints and the difficulty of collecting the information, we will consider three factors that determine the average Accenture starting salary.

These factors are:

  1. Job Title
  2. Job Location
  3. Job Experience

Please keep in mind that Accenture does not give out compensation data.

First, when when applying for a job at Accenture, the company is going to consider the job title for which you are applying. There are many jobs with different pay scales; therefore,  it is very difficult to pen down an average starting salary. Here is what we did find out during our research: the average starting salary can start at $25,000 to $30,000 per year. Students will accept jobs quickly with lower pay. For example, in the state of Texas, some employees are earning $14.72 and hour which is about $30,617.00 per year. So, we can reasonably conclude that the average starting salary is based on the job title.

Next, when applying for a job at Accenture, the company is going to consider the job location at which you want to work. As a potential employee, you need to know that many of the jobs have been located outside of the United States to avoid taxes. This tactic has enable Accenture to lower expenses and at the same time make larger profit margins while still conducting business with U.S. companies. The company's headquarters are in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Job experience plays a key role in employment with Accunture. As with most businesses, Accenture prefers to hire the highest qualified employee for the lowest amount of pay. Pay rate not only vary with experience, but coupled with the above mentioned locations, you have Atlanta, Georgia, with the median salary is $69,590 per year and the highest salary in Minneapolis at $81,472 per year.

Since Accenture has offices located throughout the world, the average starting salary will always be difficult to determine. The best advice is to apply for a job that interests you and negotiate your starting salary based on the three areas provided in this article.


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