How To Find the Average Salary for University Department Chairs

Unlike that of an ordinary office clerk, the job of university department chairs may be harder to find in most printed ads. If you qualify for being one though, you will certainly do your best to land one. The salary for this very respectable job is usually delightful, making all the prior sacrifices in education worth it. For a job with quite a few qualified applicants, though, universities and colleges find it reasonable to make attractive and sometimes offers even raising it notches higher just to hire someone before anyone else could.

If you are bent on applying for a post as a university department chair, it is recommended that you get enough information about the salaries of all the department chairs in different universities. You may just use this when you are about to face a university president and discuss salary matters. The steps below may help you accomplish this task.

  1. Living in an area that has many universities around is a great advantage. You can directly go to each of these and make inquiries. Remember that a university may have different salary levels for department chairs. If it specializes in a certain field of study, say the department of physics is involved or it is a mathematics university, then it may give a higher salary for its chair.
  2. The point above only means that you have to make a particular study of every university. However, so that you will know where to go first, try knowing the university’s main or highlight department, one that gives it pride and recognition in the academic community. If it is the philosophy department, for example, go there first and find out the rate the chair gets. This will give you an idea of what the average salary of the department chairs in that particular university is.
  3. There are also special studies departments that may give a relatively higher salary even it is not really a university’s pride. These, however, may get special funding from sources outside of the academy such as government agencies and business corporations. You should also include this in your survey list.
  4. Sometimes a department library can make a difference. A university can have a department that has a complete library of materials related to its study that are rare or that others may just not have. Because it attracts students and even academics from without the school, it considers the library a strategic asset and, therefore, gives a handsome salary to the department chair in charge. However, if you want a really convenient method, you can try finding it out from the websites that provide information on job offers and salary lists for university department chairs. The good thing about this is that you can easily compare the salaries from different universities and find the average rates in just a matter of minutes.


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