How To Find the Best Truck Driving Jobs

As the foundation of the American economy, truck drivers have the significant responsibility of delivering virtually all goods used and sold in the United States.  From lumber to lawnmowers, cars to cheese and everything in between, trucks are the only method of commercial transportation that can deliver goods directly to consumers and businesses.  As a result, there will always be a need for experienced, safe truck drivers no matter what state the economy is in. 

Here's where to find the best trucking jobs in the industry if you're looking to begin a rewarding and lucrative career behind-the-wheel. 

Step 1

Training. If you are new to the trucking industry, consider attending an accredited truck driving school to receive training.  You'll learn how to safely and effectively operate a commercial truck, federal and state regulations regarding trucking, and much more.  You should even receive actual behind-the-wheel training with an experienced driver so you can get comfortable driving a commercial truck. 

Many reputable carriers and even some states require some form of training before you can obtain your CDL or be hired on as a company driver.  Depending on the school or training program you attend, training can last anywhere from three to six weeks and cost between $1500 and $3000.  Some carriers even have their trucking schools and can guarantee students who successfully pass the program a job as a company truck driver. 

Step 2

License. Obtain your CDL (commercial driver's license) which is required in every state if you want to work as a truck driver.  Attending truck driving school will help you prepare for the knowledge and skills test that is administered by your state's DMV.  Contact your local DMV to find out how much CDL fees are in your state.

Step 3

Resume. Create a trucking resume, especially if you are an experienced driver looking for a new job.  This will give you an opportunity to highlight your past experience, skills, and other relevant information that may make you the ideal employee.  Send your resume in along with any job opportunities or postings you reply to.

Step 4

Local work. Consider contacting local carriers in your area directly to see if they have any open truck driving jobs.  Ask to speak with whoever is in charge of hiring or look up the company's website to see if they post hiring information. 

Step 5

Recruitment. Work with a recruiter who can help you find relevant truck driving jobs in your area.  There are also several online resources you can use to help you find jobs.  Many allow you to create a profile or fill out an application that details your experience, contact information, and what kind of trucking job you're looking for; they'll pass that along to carriers looking for drivers that fit your description.

A career in truck driving offers job security and variety. Good luck with your job hunting!


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