How To Find Virtual Jobs

The trend nowadays for stay-at-home moms and those who cannot find mainstream jobs is to look for work that can be done in the comfort of their homes. These are called virtual jobs where you can set your own time. The most important things that you will need are a good computer and high-speed or broadband Internet access. Some of the virtual jobs available are for virtual assistants, virtual call center agents, customer service representatives, transcribers and so much more. Here are some tips.

  1. Identify the skills that you have and where you are good. If you have exemplary typing speed and have previous secretarial experience, look for virtual secretary positions where you will be tasked to type up client documents. Some jobs may online require typing while some jobs may require actual secretarial tasks, basically performing as a virtual assistant from setting up appointments and meetings, making travel bookings, answering client calls and reminding clients of appointments.
  2. If you are creative and have training as a graphic artist or a web designer or developer, there are plenty of virtual jobs out there that require your skills. You can work on the projects at home and set up virtual meetings with clients periodically. Some freelancers sign up for job broker sites where your skills are matched with potential clients or you can bid on the available projects. Check out the websites of Elance and ODesk. These are just two of the many websites that cater to those who want to work virtually. You may also check out the All Freelance Directory for find virtual jobs.
  3. If you have experience in call center work, there are some call centers that provide jobs for those who elect to stay at home. Most call centers, due to the limitation of hiring offshore BPO services are looking at employing more call center agents who work at home to augment their onsite staff. According to the IDC, about 330, 000 call center agents are expected to be home-based in 2010. Live Ops and Alpine Access are two of the top BPO companies that provide opportunities for those who want to work in the call center industry but wish to remain at home.
  4. Transcribers also make a killing at virtual jobs. Freelance transcribers work for medical facilities to transcribe medical reports and prescription while legal transcribers transcribe court proceedings. Special software or programs may be needed but some will provide you with a copy of the program that they use. Legal transcriptions are technically strict when it comes to recording actual times and you need to know the legal terminology and jargon as well as a good command of written English. You also need to have a good set of headphones to be able to transcribe the proceedings to the letter as accuracy is of utmost importance in legal transcription.
  5. If you are adept at writing articles and other web content, you can seek out the many sites that are looking for independent writer that can provide them with a continuous supply of articles.
  6. American Airlines employ some virtual sales representatives and reservations agents. They answer incoming calls and provide customers the assistance they need to book their plane tickets, including flight schedules, fare and travel information and general customer service that is accorded to each airline customer.
  7. Other companies hire virtual researchers to do market research, market analysis, research findings and general consulting work. Check if this virtual job is for you by going to the Compass Intelligence website.
  8. You can also check out the available jobs for virtual concierges. These are fun full time jobs. You work as a concierge service provider in the comfort of your home and make reservations and bookings for restaurants, ordering and delivering flowers, making travel bookings, doing some personal and gift shopping.
  9. For those of you who speak several languages or are native English speakers, you can check out some sites that provide language tutorials and ESL courses. You can sign up with a tutorial site and teach a different language or the English language to a variety of students from across the globe without leaving your house.

Hone up your skills before seeking a virtual job. You may be working from home but you still need to exhibit professionalism and excellent skills to be competitive in this field. Take additional training as may be necessary to compete with the young crop of workers who are finding it more lucrative to work from home.


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