How To Find Water Distribution System Operator Jobs

Water distribution is an activity which is managed at a local/city/town/county level, depending upon the area covered and the legal mandate provided in respective states. Generally, there is a water regulation and distribution authority with specific jurisdiction and responsibility. Within this body, one of the more-important jobs is that of the operator who manages or oversees the distribution system and ensures it is in good working order.

The following information will give you an idea of what is involved in a water distribution system operator’s job and how you can find such jobs in your area of residence.

Job description

Overall, the system operator (SO) is responsible for the safe, hygienic and continuous supply of water to the area falling under assigned jurisdiction. This is a civil works job and may come under the aegis of a specified water distribution authority or a general Department of Public Works, depending upon the state requirements. The activities carried out by a system operator can include but not limited to the following:

  1. Work on and/or supervise water main's installations and repairs as required.
  2. Maintain prescribed standards of safety and hygiene related to water distribution.
  3. Monitor and check for leaks in the system and carry out repair work.
  4. Test water pressure, carry out periodic disinfection of the full system and ensure full compliance to health and hygiene standards.
  5. Supervise works carried out by job crews or private contractors.
  6. Regular maintenance, installation and replacement of components which form part of the full water distribution system and network – pipes, meters, pumps, etc.
  7. Installation of new water connections and fire hydrants.
  8. Manage and resolve complaints from the general public on quality of water supply, leaks, water damage to private property, etc.

Educational qualifications and certifications

Educational qualifications required to work as a water distribution system operator differ from state to state, but the minimum requirement is for a high school diploma or any other recognized equivalent qualification. You will also need to meet the minimum certification criteria as specified by the respective state governments and in some cases, appear for oral and written exams, or have a prescribed number of years of prior work experience.

In addition, operators should also hold a valid commercial driver's license and undergo periodic continuing education to qualify for promotions or higher pay grades. Some states also require candidates to obtain additional educational qualifications in civil engineering, environmental sciences, etc.

Water distribution system operators can find jobs in the government as well as the private sector. Private sector openings are available in states where water distribution, like power, has been privatized and these jobs are advertised in regular channels used in recruitment and placement.


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