How To Format a Technical Resume

If the job you want to get hired for primarily involves technical skills and expertise, such as a computer related job or an information systems management position, you will need a technology resume or a technical resume prepared for this. It is one that may look like any other traditional resume, except with a few tweaks and adjustments for drawing your prospective employer's attention to the skills and qualifications you have as a technical expert. The resume layout must contain relevant information and keywords related to the technical job you want to fill. It must be able to sell you as a skilled technical person with the highest value to the company. Programmers, developers, IT analyst and professionals all need to have this resume. Here is a suggested format to use when you are drafting your technical resume:

  1. The profile section must have the usual information such as your name, address and contact number. This should be prominently placed either on the center top of the page or the left top side, with your photo. This is necessary for prospective employers to reach you and identify you.
  2. Under the profile section, your objectives or goals must follow. This part need not be longer than three sentences and it should talk about goals related to the post you are applying.
  3. Following the objectives, you must list down all your special skills. This is the part employers take note of the most. Highlight your knowledge in programming or networking, for instance. If you have to, make a list of applications you are very familiar with. Should this take too much space, make a separate page specifically for it.
  4. Next to the objectives, you should list down your job experiences.  Include every job you have related to the responsibilities your prospective job requires. List them in reverse order, with the most present job at the top, so that it is easier for your employer to see how much you have progressed. Put the date of employment, the company where you worked for and a little description of your scopes and responsibilities.
  5. After listing down your job experience, you would then need to have a section for your educational qualification as this can solidify your credentials for the job. List down the school where you earned your degree as well as other formal trainings, certifications, courses and seminars you have attended that is relevant to the position. These courses need to be mentioned in the technical resume, as it will tell your future employers how much training you have earned.
  6. On the final section of the resume, list down three references your future employers can call to verify your information. Put down their full name, position and contact numbers. Sometimes references make it quicker for a person to be hired for the job.

Finally, be sure to mention and highlight everything that your employer is looking for in an applicant. Remember that you really are selling yourself to the company here, and for this, you have to present your best self.


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