How To Function with Little or No Sleep

Whether you are an insomniac or you burned the midnight oil working to meet a deadline, you may find it rather difficult to get your body functioning right the next day due to the sleep your were deprived off. This is normally the case for most people and they normally feel sluggish and even burned out when they did not get the right amount of rest. If you are in this situation and need your body to perform at its best despite the lack of proper rest, then here are some tips to jumpstart your body for the day.

  1. No sugar and caffeine. Contrary to what most people think, sugar and caffeine will really make matters worse. Remember that since your body lacks proper rest and sleep, its metabolism has change dramatically to make your body survive. Drinking lots of energy drinks, coffee, and drinks with generous amounts of sugar will speed up your metabolism and will lead to your body crashing which no one really wants to experience. Avoid drinks with these characteristics and components. It may help you get energized temporarily but it really only worsens the effect of lack of sleep in your body.
  2. Constantly rehydrate. Water is the body's best friend. On the note, if you are on no sleep or lack proper rest the night before, make sure to drink as much water as you can. If you are used to coffee and other caffeinated drinks, switch to the healthiest substance known to man, which is water. Water will rejuvenate your muscles, cells, and brain. Make sure to only drink room temperature water and avoid drinking very cold water as this can make your body feel more tired and drowsy.
  3. Take power naps. Another great way to rejuvenate your brain and body is to find some time to take a power nap of up to 20-30 minutes. These small naps are great to let your body rebuild its stored energy and reboot your system. The human body is like a computer. If it slows down due to extended use, you will need to reboot it to reset to an optimized functioning state. The logic is quite similar with the human body. If you are on no sleep or lack of sleep, a quick reboot or power nap will make a big difference in making your body function for the day.
  4. Breathe and relax. If you absolutely have not time to take a power nap, take a couple of minutes to relax in a sitting position. During this time, inhale and exhale with conviction. Giving your body the oxygen it needs will help sustain it. The couple of minutes of relaxed breathing may be the edge you need for your body to perform.
  5. Eat more protein-rich food. Instead of the conventional sugar, carbohydrates, and caffeine that most people are used to, eat more foods that are rich in protein like veggies, eggs, and meat. Protein will rejuvenate your muscles and help it to function normally. A protein bar could be a good choice to eat however, make sure that it does not have a lot of sugar and carbohydrates, as this is definitely not good for the body.

These tips will help you get through the day and once you get home, make sure you make up for the lack of sleep you experienced the other night. According to studies, the average man needs around 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily to enable his body to repair and rejuvenate its internal functions.


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