Gain Employment in the Construction Administration Field

The construction industry is a good field to work in if you are passionate about buildings and the construction industry. You can either be an engineer, an architect, or a field worker. If you like none of these but still want to be in the construction industry, you can choose to be a construction administrator.

The construction administrator essentially oversees the progress and quality of work being done on a building project. He or she also makes sure that the project is proceeding within the provisions of the contract, especially when it concerns the timeline or the budget. The construction administrator is also responsible for keeping track of or managing documents and records related to the project, including invoices, work authorizations, estimates and order changes.

There are a couple of ways by which you can become a construction administrator. The first one is to get your high school diploma and work as a construction worker. Once you gain enough experience, you can apply as a construction administrator on an onsite office. If you want to move further up in the ladder, take some courses in engineering and architecture.

The other way to go about becoming a construction administrator is to get your bachelor's degree in architecture, construction, engineering, or management. This will allow you to become eligible for construction administration posts for big projects, because this has much more complex tasks and responsibilities. Some companies also require knowledge in computer-aided design and project management.

If you have decided on becoming a construction administrator, the first thing you need to do is to ascertain whether you have the right qualifications. Aside from the educational qualifications mentioned above, you also need soft skills to successfully carry out your job. These include good oral and written communication skills, leadership ability, and people skills. Aside from that you have to be ready to pursue further studies and certification to increase your credibility and pave the way to advancement in your field.

If you have these abilities, then you can go around applying to companies. You can either work for a company that specializes in construction management, or you can choose to be hired directly on a project basis by contractors. Some architectural firms also hire construction administrators so watch out for their job advertisements.

Use job search engines to look for job openings for construction administrators. Popular job search engines are, Monster, Juju, Career Builder, and Simply Hired. There are also specialized job search engines for the construction industry that you can use for a more customized job search. These include iHireConstruction and BuildFind. Make sure that you write an effective cover letter and resume when you apply for these jobs. Highlight your skills and strengths and explain why you are best person for the job.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the demand for construction managers will increase by 16 percent in the 2006-16 decade. Take advantage of this healthy employment outlook and prepare for a well-paying career in construction administration now.


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