How To Get a Cruise Ship Job

Do you want a job where you will not be doing paperwork all day but can travel and make money? Then you may like a job in the cruise ship industry.  With just a click of your mouse, you can find several job openings and can visit one of the leading providers of job openings in the cruise ship industry – Cruise Job Finder. Shipboard career employment may be subject to criminal background check, physical fitness tests, drug testing, and character reference checks. Nevertheless, before you go on and check this website and the like, be sure to know the prime players in this industry. Many consider the Royal Caribbean International, Princess, and Carnival to be the Big Three of cruise ship lines, as they have the largest fleets of cruise ships.  They might well be waiting for you to be part of their team.

  1. Royal Caribbean Cruise.  Since they're one of the leaders in cruise ship industry, this company may be among your best bets when you're seeking a cruise ship job. They are widely considered to be the best mass-market cruise line and many consumers attest that they've had a quality service experience. Basically, Royal Caribbean Cruise offers jobs pertaining to entertainment, hospitality, and administration among others. It helps if you have a college or trade school degree in a field relating to the job for which you're applying.  You should be physically fit, especially when you enter a job in the hospitality department for this requires that you be alert for the security and safety of the consumers.
  2. Princess Cruise. On board career opportunities with Princess Cruise are divided according to departments. These departments include: boutiques, entertainment staff, production staff, front desk, photography, and information technology. You can visit their website at for the descriptions of these departments. If you are interested in working for this cruise line, just e-mail your resume to [email protected]. One of their best-known ships is the Diamond Princess, which was once one of the largest cruise ships in the world. According to the latest reviews, she has already taken her place along with the other four Grand Class cruise ships. This might very well prove that Princess Cruise is one of the best in the the world in this industry.
  3. Carnival Cruises. The latest reviews refer to Carnival Cruises as “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line”; designed to be resorts at sea, they are known for giving cruise experiences to places with picturesque sceneries such as the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and Mexican Riviera, among others. Carnival Cruises offers employment opportunities that include shipboard photographer, destination shopping specialist, the usual health and fitness department and shipboard entertainment, and shipboard golf attendants, and a number of other positions.
  4. Celebrity Cruises. The Celebrity Cruise fleet consists of eight ships, with four more scheduled to be added in 2012. This cruise line is known for its deluxe cruise ship experience and is known for providing personalized service. Celebrity Cruises, like most of the companies in cruise ship industry, not only offers on-board career opportunities but also offers a wide range of land-based employment opportunities located in their offices in Miami, Florida and the rest of North America. You can visit their website at for more information about opportunities waiting for you.


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