How To Get a Factory Job in London

Having factory jobs

There are many reasons why locals and immigrants alike covet factory jobs in London. Aside from the good salaries and employee benefits, labor laws in London, and the United Kingdom in general, are favorable for factory workers. Besides that, there are many factory jobs to choose from. There are jobs for skilled workers like picking and packing and then there are jobs in supervisory and managerial positions. 

So how do you go about securing factory jobs in London? We present here a simple guide on how to get employed in one of the factories in London.

1. Go to an employment agency or recruitment company that specializes in job employment. If you do not have an idea of where to start looking for such companies, then go online. If you type the term "factory jobs in London" in Google, the results will point you to many job search Web sites. Click on any one of them and you will see the name of the employment agency that handles the recruitment for that factory. 

Look at several job openings and get the name of the different recruitment agencies along with their addresses and contact details. Some recruitment agencies allow online job applications, while some require you to pay a visit to their office. Do which is most convenient for you and submit all the requirements they need. Fill out any forms that they ask you to accomplish. Remember that only applicants with complete requirements get hired for the job.

Once you have submitted everything they asked you to, make it a point to call the recruitment agency once a week to follow up on any employment opportunities. Do not call everyday and risk the chance of annoying the very person who can give you a job. It is enough to call once week to let them know you are still on the market for a factory job. Hope that your persistence will pay off. 

2. Check your local community bulletins for job openings. If there are factories within your town, or in nearby towns, chances are they will be posting job advertisements in public bulletins that can be found in community centers and local government offices. Make it a habit to check them once a week.

3. Look for job advertisements in your local newspapers. Not all factories hire their people through recruitment agencies. Some prefer to directly hire their employees. Such factories will use local newspapers to announce job openings. 

4. Work your network. If you know anyone who works in a factory, ask that person if he or she is aware of any vacancies at work. If you are lucky, there might just be one for you that your acquaintance can refer you, too. If there are no vacancies, politely ask your acquaintance to contact you should he or she hear about job openings.

Just like getting a job anywhere, getting a factory job in London requires resourcefulness, persistence, and lots of patience. Maintaining a positive outlook will get you a factory job soon.


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