How To Get a Hotel Front Desk Job

Having front desk job

When a person checks into a hotel or inn, he would always notice the cheerful and accommodating attitude of its reception staff. They are dressed in formal suits, confidently talking and always ready to attend to his needs upon checking in.  This profession requires graduating a degree or a vocational certificate. Responsibilities include handling inquiries, guiding the visitors to any area of the hotel, attending to phone calls, setting appointments, record keeping and reservations at the front desk.

A hotel manager looks for the following credentials in accepting a front desk receptionist.

  •  An applicant should have finished any related course associated to the hotel industry. Proper training should be done so that the expected skills will be met. The more training you acquire, the bigger the chance that you could be chosen by a hotel manager.
  • An applicant must possess the capacity to maintain an optimistic attitude since this job entails a lot of contact with the public.  The most important thing to do is to practice how to have patience to assure credibility in your chosen field.
  • An applicant must be able to work in a team. A manager’s choice would always be the one who can easily follow instructions. Critical thinking is always required by any employee. This means that you must be able to make mature and wise decisions.
  • An applicant should be computer literate because all documentation is done via computer these days. Computer literacy will give a lot of benefits not only in your chosen field of work but to your own life as well.
  • An applicant must have good social and interpersonal skills. You should have a good sense of how to interact with people. Maintaining composure and a positive attitude is the key for this kind of job.

With these kinds of qualifications, you need to be familiar with the following tips on how to get a front desk job.

  • Always think that hotels, inn and motels have job openings. An optimistic view will give you a lot of courage to pursue your employment.
  • Comply with the necessary requirements such as the degree and a nice personality by making a simple yet convincing resume. A very long resume will not be a good choice.
  • Gain a lot of front desk experience. This will give you an edge over and above other applicants. The more experience you gain, the better a professional you will become.
  • A hardworking attitude would be a great asset when you are applying for a job so learn to be industrious.

It may be hard to get in on a hotel job that you always dreamed of. But remember that it does not matter how many times you fail but how many times you tried. Success comes to people who always pursue their goals and believes in themselves.


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