How To Get a Job Acting on Home & Away

Home and Away is considered on the top TV drama series in Australia. In fact, it is the 2nd longest running one in the country. Many different big name Australian actors got their big break here. If you are an actor that wants to find that big break, then snagging a plum role in this mainstream show should be your goal. Of course, you will have to be ready first. Here are some steps and tips that can get you looking in the right direction and hopefully, get considered for an acting job on the show.

  • Hone your craft. Acting in Australia is not much different than acting in the US or in the UK. The skills required for Australian TV is pretty standard regardless of your nationality. That being the case, in order to increase your chances in obtaining a gig in this popular TV drama series, you will have to hone your craft specifically for soap opera or dramatic TV acting. Yes, acting in films and TV has distinct differences. You can hone your acting chops by taking acting classes. There are many acting classes you can find in the US or UK that can provide you the skills needed but it might be better to take classes in Australia since you will want to immerse yourself into the culture and language. At the same time, if you take acting classes in Australia, you can gain a good off-camera network of contacts that may help you in auditioning for the parts you think you will be good for. Home and Away has made it to British shores as well. This means there is a production specifically for UK viewers featuring UK actors. So, if you are a UK based actor, you can definitely try for the UK production of the show. Obviously, you can take acting classes in the UK and hope that some of the people you meet along the way can point you in the right direction.
  • Gain more experience. Theater has always been a good stepping stone into acting in TV. First off, many casting directors find new talent by scouting non-mainstream theater productions. Secondly, the skills you will master in theater acting will give you distinctive advantage when auditioning for TV roles. Hence, you can beef up your acting chops by taking in a few theater roles. Audition for the roles and learn as much as you can from any role you can snag.
  • Audition. You will never land a role in Home and Away if you don’t audition, right? That is the only real way for the casting crew of the production to discover you. Now, before you scout out for the scheduled auditions for the show, you will need to prepare your acting resume. Make sure it highlights acting experiences relevant to the show. That will mean that your resume should point out your dramatic experiences on TV, theater, and film. The resume should be accompanied with your headshots as well. These should be submitted to the casting director during the day of the audition. To find out when and where these auditions will be held, you can either subscribe to, a website dedicated to linking actors with scheduled auditions, or hire an agent to represent and inform you of the auditions available.

There you have it, with enough luck and hard work; you should be able to land a plum role on Home and Away. This may be the big break you will need to catapult your way to stardom.


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