How To Get a Job as a Limo Driver

Driver in the limo

Job hunting is never easy. You just can't get hired by reading the classified ads or browsing the Internet. You also have to be well equipped for the position you are applying for. A soldier does not go to war without weapons and other gadgets, does he?

Well that holds true for you, too. If you have the passion for driving, meeting people, going places, and make a living out of it, then you can be a limo driver. But wait, you should first possess all the qualities of a good limo driver and you should also know details of this career like responsibilities, salary, benefits and who your possible employers will be.

First and foremost, a limo driver should have a high school diploma, a valid driver's license, a chauffeur's license for the place of his work and very good driving skills. He drives cars, limos, SUVs, vans, charter buses and other shuttle vehicles used for weddings, proms, anniversaries, a company's shuttle service or for a tour around a place. He caters to the needs of corporate executives, known people, celebrities and other clients. A limo driver coordinates with the clients on the time of pick up and the itinerary for the day so he can make necessary schedules and routes. He makes sure that the vehicle is clean and in good condition. He also assists his clients in loading and unloading luggage.

If you think you have the qualities and requirements that will make you qualified for a career as a limo driver, then it is time to look for a job. You could start by applying to a limousine company in your area. Listings of limousine companies are available in the classified ads of your newspaper or the yellow pages of your telephone directory. When applying to these companies you have to give accurate details and information about yourself, your educational attainment, medical history and/or criminal records if you have any. You have to be honest in everything because they perform background checks on all their employees. Being a limo driver for these companies will give you more experience and training.

You could try the Internet. There are sites available that offer jobs for limo drivers. Here are a few of these sites:

After being employed as a limo driver with a company, why not try being an independent limo driver? Remember you have already gained more experience and training from the limo company you have worked with and have established a few contacts. You could go independent by buying or renting a limousine, having your own uniform and being well versed with the different areas in your country or area of work. Going independent would mean more income for you because you set your own rates.

Being hospitable, cordial, polite, patient, having a cheerful disposition, presence of mind, good driving skills, and cleanliness are all that it takes to be a good limo driver.


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