How To Get a Job at an Animal Hospital

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If you love animals, you may see caring for them as your life's calling. If this is the case, then a career in an animal hospital might be for you. 

If you're ready to make your dream of working with animals a reality, you might wonder how to become a vet or get a job as a vet tech. To become an animal doctor takes several years of training--although the median salary of $95,460 more than makes up for this. 

There are of course plenty of other career paths working at an animal hospital. So, how do you become a veterinarian or get a job looking after animals?

In this article, we'll be sharing how you can get a job at an animal hospital. 

Gain Experience Working With Animals

The first thing that you should do is to gain experience working with and looking after animals. You may want to start off volunteering at a local zoo or animal rescue. Places like this will be crying out for helpers.

If you need to earn money while you get the experience you need, you could offer up your services as a dog walker or pet sitter. 

Decide on Your Career Path

As previously mentioned, there are several career paths available when it comes to working in an animal hospital. Decide on the route you'd like to take. You may want to get a job as a vet doctor or nurse, or you may even want to gain a career as a vet tech

Becoming a vet will require you to study, whereas many of the other routes you can either study or learn on the job. 

Get Qualified 

If you've decided to become a pet doctor, you'll need to study. Typically, this can take up to seven years. Find a course that suits your needs at a university that is convenient for you. You'll need to think about how you'll fund your training and you'll likely need to take out a student loan. 

Find an Animal Hospital That Is Recruiting 

Once you've gained experience and obtained any qualifications you may need, you can start to look for an animal hospital that is hiring. 

Hospitals that treat small animals are more likely to have bigger teams and are worth approaching to find out if they have any openings. Often, vets that take care of larger animals will travel to the animal to treat them. 

Apply to Your Chosen Animal Hospital

When you've found a vacancy you wish to apply for, you can prepare your cover letter and resume. Be sure to include some references from people whose animals you have cared for in the past. 

Highlight all of the experience that you've had working with animals and be sure that you tailor your application specifically to the hospital to which you're applying. 

Once you've applied to an animal hospital, you'll hopefully be offered the opportunity to get an interview. Do your best to show your passion for caring for animals. 

How to Get a Job at an Animal Hospital

Finding a job in an animal hospital involves gaining experience and qualifications working with animals. Having a passion for animals will take you a long way, and you can often learn on the job. 

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