How To Get a Job at Home Depot

Home Depot is the United States' largest retailer of different home improvement and home construction products. This company has more than 2,000 operational stores in different locations like the US, China, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Guam, and Canada. You can use their location map for the complete list. But obviously, it is bigger than other home center companies.

With this amazing number of stores, Home Depot surely has many jobs to offer various people. Besides, this company employs thousands of employees, and they keep on looking for additional people to join their large family. However, getting jobs in Home Depot is not as easy as what it may seem. If you are interested, you better follow these procedures:

  1. Get to know the different job vacancies in Home Depot. You can visit their website or center, scan your local library, or attend their expo to know the Home Depot job vacancies. Go to the Careers page if you use their website. On that page, you will see different career categories available on Home Depot’s careers page. You can also view the grand openings or a Home Depot expo. There, you will see all the vacancies in all their different store locations.
  2. Fill out an online application form. The Home Depot website has an online application form for each position. Just fill out this form and their database will take care of your application. You can also visit their home center outlets in store hours for the application form.
  3. Attach a comprehensive resume that gives a focus on your skills that will be useful for Home Depot. Your skills are important because these will be matched to the vacancies needed to be filled up.
  4. Create an excellent cover letter. The cover letter will tell everything that your resume or CV can’t. Make use of that by describing why Home Depot needs to hire you.
  5. References matter. If you know someone who works with Home Depot, it will be better to make him as your reference. The right reference can help your job application’s success.
  6. Get updates about your job application. You can call the Home Depot or the recruiter and ask about the development of your job application. You are free to visit their office during store hours too. Use their location map to find the nearest retail store to your location.

Home Depot is following a very strict protocol when hiring new employees. You should understand that the company needs to follow firm government regulations since they are almost the center for construction materials and home improvement supplies.

Anyway, your application will surely be reviewed. They won’t give a call if your skills don’t fit to what they need. This is why you should always check the qualifications for every vacant position before you apply.

But if you are perfect for the position, then just wait for their response. Your application is probably undergoing an intensive review. They will give you a call soon.


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