How To Get a Job at Mac Cosmetics

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Everyone who is anyone knows who MAC cosmetics are.  MAC is the God of cosmetics, and there are lots of people out there that would love to work there.  So, how do you get a job there you ask?  Here are a few suggestions that I have in order to get a job with MAC.

  1. Get a cosmetology degree.  In order to work with cosmetics and know what you are doing, this is a must.  You have to know what shading, fading and 3D image is.  These techniques you should be able to learn at a good cosmetology school.
  2. Make a resume of the jobs that you have done. Make sure you add your prior experience related to cosmetology in the resume.  When you apply for jobs, they will need to see that you have a working resume in order to show them what you can do.  This actually ties into the next point as well.
  3. Practice on your friends and family, and make a portfolio to share when you are at interviews.  Make sure you have before and after pictures of everyone that you have done makeup on.  This shows that you know what you are doing by having actual people that you have done makeup on in the past.
  4. Go to the MAC website and and see if any MAC places near you are hiring. If you are willing to move to a new location, let the MAC Company know that when you apply.  They might have the job that you are looking for at a different location.  You can also check your local newspaper to see if any department stores that have MAC counters are hiring, as well.  Otherwise, you can go to a MAC cosmetics counter and also just ask for an application and when they would possibly be hiring.
  5. Work your way up.  There are other jobs that you can do in the cosmetic industry that do not involve working directly with customers and the makeup.  Work your way up.  Some places will help with tuition reimbursement if you are planning on staying there and furthering your education.  Check with your HR department for more information on tuition reimbursement.  Start with a lower paying job, and apply to be a MAC salesperson when the position opens up.  This shows the company that you are dedicated to them by staying with them while looking for a higher paying job.

Remember to be persistent and friendly, but never give up on your dream.


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