How To Get a Job Doing Fashion Illustration

A fashion illustrator can be an at-home worker for many publications that feature the greatest works of the best designers the world over. Aside from being a great piece of art by itself, a fashion illustration often inspires the creation of great outfits immortalized on the catwalk or the red carpet events in Hollywood. Fashion illustrators have a lot of employment opportunities. Here are the places where artists in this field can find a decent job.

Fashion magazines love to have fresh talent. While some of the output sketched on the scratchboard at many of these publications will never see the light of day on the clothes racks of stores, the vision and style embodied in fashion illustrations should leave a great impression and appeal on anyone who happens to look at them. Fashion illustrators also make for great layout artists in fashion magazines, since they have an amazing eye for aesthetics as well as a strong idea of proportions, colors and even typefaces. Other publications might also be in need of fashion illustrators. Most lifestyle magazines and even newspapers have a section dedicated to fashion, and might regularly feature the season’s trends in clothing and apparel.

Fashion houses. Other fashion designers need illustrators as well. While most people think that designer label clothes are an actual idea and work of just the person whose name is on the tag, the precursory idea usually begins from someone in the design staff. The big boss can always make modifications and suggest changes to the original design but for the most part, much of the work and looks are developed by a stable of designers and illustrators that work for the fashion design house. The illustration books of many stores are often the works of the tireless workers in the design room who keep the creative engine churning through the different seasons of the year.

Fashion websites. Online fashion publications are also often in need of illustrators. Professionals in web design and development have been cashing in from the various opportunities locally and abroad. Most fashion houses and fashion magazines are always on the lookout for other people who can contribute to the look of their website. The level of creativity and branding in this aspect of the business is just as strong as the clothes that they sell in their specialty stores.

Advertising companies would also be a great place for someone with artistic flair. These firms would definitely have a place for people who can help conceptualize scenery and costumes. This is especially useful for advertisements in which the models need to be dressed appropriately. Additionally, print, video, billboard and other visual advertisements would need input from professionals who are capable of conceptualizing a scene. Fashion designers are very much adept at this kind of task.

While fashion illustration is traditionally a career that’s at home with fashion magazines and fashion houses, professionals in this field are now able to penetrate into other industries where artistic vision, proficiency and skill are needed.  You'll increase your chances of landing a great job in one of these industries if you have a well-rounded degree from an accredited school - if you don't have time to pursue your education at a traditional college, then you may want to consider one of the exemplary online universities that are out there.


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