How To Get a Job in a Call Center

A call center is a company or centralized office that handles volumes of calls through telephone services. Call centers may handle sales, lead generation, debt collection, and other customer service functions. A call center is operated by call center agents with work stations. Each agent has a computer, headset, and a connection to a telecom switch and their supervisor's station. Interacting with their customers is the main business of a call center.

All call center agents are working at the call center is either answering calls or is the one generating calls. They are the ones who sell products, solve technical problems or offer other services to clients. There are two kinds of calls in a call center: the inbound and outbound calls. Getting an inbound call means that you are the one who answers the call from the customers. Making an outbound call means that the call center agent will be the one calling the customer to offer or sell the product to them.

Here are some ways to help you get a job in a call center:

  1. First you need to begin with a great resume. Your objective for applying must be at the top of your resume, followed by your educational background. Add your work experiences if ever you had previous jobs before. Adding other personal details about you will be quite useful (like hobbies and interests). References are quite important, so put the number of your former boss is much better.

  2. Prepare yourself to be interviewed by the call center representative. You must know all the details that you put in your resume.

  3. Wear formal dress such as long sleeves, slacks, black shoes for the male and long sleeves, coat, slacks or skirt for the female.

  4. Always look in the eye of the interviewer so that he/she might know that you are interested for this job.

  5. Speaking English is important because they are looking for an agent that can communicate in English with other people. Speak clearly so that the recruiter understands what you're saying. Fluent English is much better to make a better impression to the interviewer.

  6. Make a research about the background of the company that you want to apply to. So if the call center recruiter asks you a question if you have an idea about the company, you'll know the answer.

  7. You should pass the exam so you will get the qualification to become a call center agent.

  8. After you pass the exam, they will interview you again and that interview will be your final interview.

  9. If you pass all of this, you're now qualified to be a call center agent.

  10. Now you will be trained first before you work in your actual job.

Being a call center agent is a very challenging job. You will work how to deal with other people and satisfy their needs. Call center agents work as a team because working as a team will be your success. Giving all your best on your job will result to a high possibility of you being promoted.


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