How To Get a Job in a Recession

The “R” word is upon us all. Almost every country in the world is in recession, and the big economies are the first to suffer from it. For ordinary people, recession means bad news—less opportunities for work, less opportunities for small businesses, little or no profits, and so on. On a positive note, large economies such as the United States, have laid out rescue and stimulus packages to protect ordinary people from the effects of recession.

There are several steps that you may need to know if you want to get a job during a recession. Take note that there is a distinct difference when looking for a job in a normal state of society and when there is a recession.

1.    Try having side jobs first before finding a real job. You may need the extra income to supplement your crusade during society’s hard times. Being a web designer or a freelance writer is a good side business in today’s world, since these jobs are needed by a lot of companies. The good thing is that you won’t have any taxes paid at the moment, so you could save up your money to start a business or go get a higher paying stable job.

2.    Get professional help. A resume coach can do wonders to your application forms and requirements. As this article stated, a recession will take more of your skills in finding a job so you need all the help you can get. There are tons of working firms that are specifically designed to help you upgrade your application requirements. You just need to seek them out and acquire their services.

3.    Look for other jobs in places other than your own community. You need to fully condition yourself to search more, since you will have a better salary rate in places not affected by recession like other countries for example.

4.    Refine your skills while doing everything else. While you are “sidelining” or doing “odd jobs” try to upgrade yourself by refreshing the data in your resume. You can also train yourself to talk well with other people. (This will mostly improve your interview skills.)

5.    Vocational education will surely help in these archaic times. When the going gets tough, knowing some basic skills in computers (this is your best bet since our world today is revolving into a technological state) and other vocational jobs will definitely help you land a job in new industries.

6.    Know and maintain a constant relationship with potential hirers whenever you apply for a job. In a recession, employers often get stingy with the qualifications they need for a job. They often need an all-around person who is capable of handling many things at once, since they can only pay a limited number of people due to the crisis their societies are facing. But don’t overdo it, since you will seem like a pesky child begging for candy. Just drop a call or send a couple of e-mails to show that you are determined to take the job and are willing to do everything to get it.

7.    Do not turn down any offer. And emphasize on the word ANY. When you land a job, just take it even if there are reduced working hours or any kind of “demotion” like status. Chances are, your employer will see that you are committed. And when the recession is over, you might get a better position.

You need to have really high endurance levels when you want to get a job during a recession. Just persevere and everything will turn out just fine.


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