How To Get a Job With an English Degree

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The decision to pursue an English degree is a great one! Don't let others talk you out of doing so by telling you that you won't have any job options. You especially don't want to let someone talk you out of earning your bachelor's degree in English if it's something you love and are naturally good at. 

There are many different English jobs and career options for those who graduate with a degree in English. The trick is knowing what these jobs and positions are before you graduate. This way, you have some type of guidance after you leave school. 

It also allows you to start looking into different careers before you graduate, meaning you can even start applying to some! 

Do you know you want to pursue an English degree but aren't sure how to use it? 

In the guide below, you'll find several career options ideal for anyone with a bachelor's in English. Continue reading below to start revealing what your future might look like. 

Speak to Your Advisor

The best word of advice anyone can give you is to speak with your advisor at school. Once you decide to become an English major, it's best to schedule a meeting with the advisor in the English department. Ask him or her about the different career options available once you graduate. 

Your advisor will know all of this information. They'll be able to give you a few different options that might seem interesting to you. Be sure to stay honest with them and tell them what type of work you enjoy doing. 

They can then give you career options that fit your needs. It's important to do this sooner than later because if there's something special you need (minor in another language, focus on creative writing vs literature, or something else), then you can start making those changes. 

You might be surprised at how many different options you have and all the possibilities.

Start Applying in School

After speaking to your advisor, you can then begin to research the different career paths on your own time. Start researching now. This will give you a better idea about what positions are currently in demand and so on. Don't hesitate to research companies either.

Now is the perfect time to do research about what companies are good to work for and which ones got not-so-great reviews. Remember, you have time at this point so find a place you'd enjoy going to each day. Depending on the position and timing of your graduation, you might even be able to apply for jobs while still in school.

If you can, then do so. If you already have a job lined up before you graduate, then it reduces stress. 

Consider Your Different Options

Not everyone has the opportunity to speak with their advisor before graduating. If you've already graduated with your degree and are not looking for work, then this list below will help guide you. Keep in mind, you can always reach out to your old advisor if needed. 

Otherwise, here are a few different career options for someone with an English degree. 


A proofreader is someone who looks over someone else's writing to catch any simple errors, such as misspellings, incorrect punctuation, and more. Were you the person all your friends came to when they had an important paper due for school? Did they give you their papers for you to proofread?

If so, then you could be the perfect person for this job. Many different companies of all sorts require a proofreader or quality control team to proofread their work before getting sent out. This could be a company that sends out postcards for advertisements, a magazine, or something else. 

With the right courses, you can proofread anywhere!


How does an editor differ from a proofreader? An editor will correct core issues within the writing. They're looking at sentence structure, comprehension, and tone. 

Most people who can edit a paper can proofread a paper as well. If editing is something you believe you'd like doing, then consider both proofreading and editing jobs. The same is true about editors and the companies they work for as well. 

Many companies need an editor to review writing before it's published. This doesn't limit you to magazine and newspaper companies either.


When you decided to earn a degree in English, did you think becoming a teacher was your only option? It's not the only option, but it is a good one. Once you have your English degree, you can teach any grade level as long as you test out and pass. 

If you want to become a professor, then you'll need to go even further in school and obtain your master's and doctoral degrees. You also have the option to teach overseas or teach from your computer! Be sure to look into all your options before deciding. 


Some children struggle with English and reading classes. These children need a bit of extra help. If you believe you'd like to help children polish their English skills, then tutoring might be the right career for you.

There are several different tutoring centers where you could apply to. You could also begin your own tutoring sessions at home or work online. 

Freelance Writer

As an English major, you most likely enjoy writing. If so, then this next career option could be ideal for you. As a freelance writer, you'll work as much or as little as you'd like. 

You'll be considered self-employed and will work for individual clients. You could also apply to an agency where the clients will be provided to you. The choice is yours! 

You'll find clients who need a ghostwriter for their current blog, website, and other reasons. Find something you enjoy writing about, such as animals, and then find an animal blog in need of a writer.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager will need both English skills and technical skills. In this position, you'll create and maintain the company's brand promotions and marketing campaigns across several social media platforms. You'll need to understand how social media strategy works.

If something with the strategy isn't working well, then how can you make changes to improve it? The main goal is to increase brand awareness and sales.

Technical Writer

A technical writer will create diagrams for a company's products to show the users how the product works. This could be in the form of an instruction manual, a how-to guide, and other similar writings. If you're good at explaining and communicating complex and technical information to others in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, then this might be the job for you. 


Another commonly known option for English majors is a journalist. As a journalist, you may work for a magazine company, a newspaper company, a radio station, or even a published website. It'll be your job to seek out new information about current trends, news stories, and current events.

You'll also need to provide data or proof to back up your investigations and your stories. 


Self-published work can be in the form of books, articles, blogs, and so on. Are you currently writing a novel? Don't hesitate to continue your work and eventually publish it!

Although this process takes time, there are other things you can do in the meantime. For example, monetizing a blog is something many people are recently turning to. Find your niche and begin a blog about it. 

As long as you create valuable content with great SEO (search engine optimization), you'll eventually make money from your writing.

Public Relations Manager

As a public relations manager, you'll need to clarify a company's or organization's point of view. You might do this through interviews and media releases. Another important role in this position is to keep a close eye on any political, economic, and social trends that could affect the organization. 

You'll be the one who manages the company's image throughout it all. 

What Can You Do With Your English Degree?

What different career options seem interesting to you? What can you do with an English degree? 

Your future starts here. Use the information given in the guide below to determine what career paths might be the best for you. If you're still unsure, then never hesitate to go back to school, speak with your advisor, and pursue a master's degree as well.

What's most important, however, is that there are plenty of job/career options for those with a bachelor's degree in English. Keep in mind, this list is not exhaustive. There are several other opportunities not listed above. 

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