How To Get a Notary Public License

Notary public officials are extremely helpful to society. They are public officials who are authorized to legalize oaths and affidavits and other similar statements that have been submitted by individuals or organizations. If you are interested in becoming a notary public, you do not have to be a practicing lawyer to do so, even if most notary public officials are attorneys. If you want to become a notary public official, you will have to check with your state rules, as the criteria varies from one state to another. Here are some tips on how to become a licensed notary public official.

  • Do your research. If you are serious about being a notary public official, it is best that you do your research first. Make sure that you know what the responsibilities are, and whether you will be content with such roles. You can look up your state rules and guidelines so that you can be familiarized with the job. Since the rules and qualifications differ from state to state, make sure that you do your research for the state you wish to set up your services in.
  • Find out what you need. Before you begin applying, gather all the materials and documents that you will need. You will need a picture I.D., an application form, state training and exams, notary bond, notary supplies. You will also need some cash to pay for some fees. Ask around and find out how much you will need for the exams and forms.
  • Be eligible for the position. You would need to at least be 18 years old or older to become eligible for the position of notary public official. You must also be a resident of the state you are applying for. You should also make sure that you have not encountered any trouble with the law and do not have any convicted felonies.
  • Decide where you want to apply. You will first have to decide whether you want to apply to the local government directly or through an agency like the National Notary Association. Once you have decided you can now fill up the application form, pay the required fees and submit them to your preferred office.
  • Take the necessary tests and trainings. Depending on the state requirements, you may need to take a state exam to be able to get your notary public license. Some states also requirement sufficient training for this. This won't take too much of your time, as these trainings are usually available online for a certain fee. Find the sites that offer certification upon completion of the training. Also make sure that these sites are accredited by the state and will be deemed acceptable for the requirements.
  • Gather your supplies. Once you have been notified that you have been granted your notary public license, you may now purchase the supplies you will need to set up shop. These would include the following: notary seal or stamp, a registration book, a handbook or guide, and a notary bond.
  • Take your oath. You will need to take your oath of office where a fellow notary should be present to administer the necessary oaths and provide affidavits. File all paperwork and make the necessary documentation. Make sure you keep copies for your own files.

When you set out to process your application for a notary public license, do not be afraid to ask the people who know what to do. It would be a waste of time if you have done the procedure all wrong or if you meet people who will only swindle you into getting fees from you. Ask around, preferably within government offices, so you will be able to do everything correctly.


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