How To Get a Rap Record Deal

You may have the beat, the rhythm and the rhymes that make you quite a popular rapper in your school, your community or among your friends and family. You may have had some paying gigs before. Somehow you think that maybe it is time to see if you can get a rap record deal.

With the popularity of rap music and musicians today, it can be a steep hurdle, but it can be done, provided you are hard working and does not let off on your perseverance and prepared to wait for the right opportunity. Take a look at some of the tips below on how to get a rap record deal.

  • Develop your own style of delivery. Do not copy the style of other rappers. A label manager or an artist and repertoire manager are always looking for someone unique, someone that catches their attention after listening to the first few lines of a song.
  • Make a list of the songs that you have written and prepared to cut a demo CD. If you have a recording program running on your computer and a soundproof room to cut your demo, that will be great. If you do not have the facilities and equipment, check some of the recording studios in your area.
  • Practice your songs with your backup musicians until you have perfected the songs. You can cut a three-song to a five-song demo of your best songs. Mae sure that the first one is the best among the lot as label managers are swamped with demos all the time and will only have time to listen to the first cut unless the first one grabs their attention that they will be impelled to listen to the other cuts.
  • Inquire about the studio's rates per hour. You should know what their requirements are and how long it will take them to process the recording and give you the master copy.
  • After you receive the master copy you need to make several copies of your demo to send to several recording companies. Think about how to present your demo CD. You can choose to create a CD cover and list your songs. Do not forget to enclose your name, a short narrative about you and your contact information. Address the demo to the right person so it will be delivered to their desk immediately.
  • Make sure that you have what it takes to be a good rapper – strong vocal presence, the proper breath control to deliver long lines without pause and proper enunciation. Rap is all about the lyrics and fast beat. Your audience should be able to understand what you are trying to say. You should know that the lyrics to rap music are usually social commentaries, a dig at the social and political issues affecting society and other actual life stories.
  • Participate in singing contests and open mic nights at local entertainment venues. Label managers and talent scouts frequent these places in search of new talents. You should develop your style and how to go around the stage and work your audience. You have to establish rapport with the audience and have good stage presence. These are qualities that label managers and talent scout look for as these are indications that you can command an audience and gain a following.
  • Establish an online presence. There are websites where you can create an account for free and upload previews of your own demos. Tell the audience something about you and if you have local shows, make sure that these are included and updated. Upload some photos of your previous gigs and your contact information.

Continue to hone your craft. You never know when a talent scout will spot you and like what he is seeing. Perseverance and patience are necessary for you to land a rap record deal and make it in the industry. It’s a cutthroat business and you have to be the most unique rapper against the rest to stand out and be noticed.


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