How To Get a Summer Job at Universal Studios

Universal Studios offers a lot of summer job opportunities that can help students achieve their goals for the season. This is true whether you want to gain experience or simply earn extra income during summer. So if you do not bother to work in any of its shooting locations, this is the best place not to enjoy the summer heat but to work and earn a living. Here, check out these helpful tips to help you land a summer job in Universal Studios:

  • Search for summer job opportunities early. This is especially true if you prefer summer jobs working as an entertainer or a backstage assistant. There are serious application deadlines for big summer job opportunities like this so better start your hunt early. However, if you intend to apply for jobs in the ticket counters and restaurants at Universal Studios, you can start your search later than the rest. But still, it is best to be early so that you can get a good pick of possible summer jobs and be certain immediately whether you can get a job from them or not.
  • Consider applying for the most popular summer job positions. Some of the summer job positions that you can get at Universal Studios are wardrobe attendant and shuttle bus driver. To apply for the first one, you must possess essential qualities such as being courteous, fast, and professional. The main duty is to provide accessories and garments to performers and guests in several occasions such as shows, interactive activities, and tours. Other tasks can include organization of clothing and managing a tracking system. For the latter, you need good public speaking and communication skills and also driver's license. The job is to transport guests from one place of the park to another making sure they are having a fun experience while on board.
  • Check out job opportunities online. Universal Studios has a website that can serve as your one-stop source for finding summer job opportunities for both Hollywood and Orlando parks. The website also hosts an automated job application process to make the whole application faster and easier for you.
  • Submit your application to Universal Studios. The website is the best place where you can apply for summer opened by the company. First, you need to submit your personal information by creating your own code and password. Then, a page will appear allowing you to review the privacy policy, appearance, dress code, and other guidelines when working for Universal Studios. Once you are done reading the information, you will see results of summer job openings that you can apply for.
  • Be on the lookout for spring or summer job fairs. Annually, Universal Studios holds a job fair to update their workforce. When you hear about one, take the chance right away. Prepare your resume and yourself for a possible interview. All their job openings will be posted and you can apply to any or all of them as long as you get the right qualifications.

If you want a summer job that will help you achieve your goals but with the ambiance of summer fun and vacation still, Universal Studios is the place you must apply for a job. With its wide list of opportunities to offer you, you can always be certain that you can find one that will fit your skills, experiences, and education.


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