How To Get a Teaching License in Alabama

Alabama is one of the best places to find teaching opportunities of all the states in the country. With the advancement of all levels of education in the state, it is no wonder why the demand for teachers is getting higher and higher year after year. Hence, your chances of succeeding in your career are high in Alabama. To start your teaching career in Alabama, get yourself a teaching license. There are a lot of ways on how you can get this license. Here are some steps you can do to get this much-needed license:

  • Know your best and reputable resource all throughout the process. The Department of Education of Alabama must be your number one source when it comes to getting a license. Visit their website to get started. You will find there all the information regarding requirements, testing, and the like.
  • Complete your teaching education. This is a given requirement for all applicants of a teaching license not only in Alabama but also in other states and countries. This is because the completion of a bachelor's degree will determine your readiness and ability to perform the duties of a teacher. Your education will also prepare you for passing the necessary examinations for the license. Once you have completed your degree, get a copy of your transcript of records because this is one of the requirements for the license application.
  • Take the necessary examinations. Take the Alabama Prospective Teacher Testing Program or APTTP and make sure you pass it. This test includes several parts such as the Praxis II and ACT WorkKeys assessment.
  • File the initial application. Prepare all the required documents of the license application. This must include the proof of passing the testing, proof of graduation from an accredited teaching program, and form of completion of background checks and fingerprinting. The background check will be done by the FBI and also the state of Alabama. Once you have all these documents, submit all of them to the Department of Education of the state. The documents must be compiled in one packet or envelope. Pay for the necessary fees for application processing and the like as required by the state.
  • File for a reciprocity. This is true if you already have obtained a license from a different state. Alabama is offering reciprocity with all the states offering the same level of certification. The state is also accepting certifications from NCATE or the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and also NSADTEC or the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification Interstate Contract. Possessing any of these certificates will exempt you from further certifications other than the APTTP. Collect all the necessary documentations for your reciprocity application to be processed immediately.

There is always no easy way to obtain a license for everything. However, if you make sure that you know the requirements and the steps, your burden can be a lot easier. So if you are serious about your teaching career in Alabama, follow the above-mentioned steps. It will not be far from now that you can get your teaching license. For now, good luck on your application and on your goals of sharing your knowledge with today’s youth.


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