How To Get a Training Certificate to be a Fireman

Training for firefighters

Becoming a fireman is everyone’s childhood dream, but some people really want to make firefighting a job. If you are one of those people, you should get a training certificate to be a fireman. All those who aspire to be firemen are required to train.

Here are a few tips on how to get a training certificate to be a fireman:

  1. Keep yourself in shape. Remember that as a fireman, you will have to do a lot of physically strenuous things. You will have to be very quick on your feet, not only to get to those in need, but to save yourself as well. You will need to dodge fires and falling debris during a real fire. You  have to be very strong. Power is a big requirement for firefighters. You will need to break down doors, and even carry people outside burning buildings. Firemen carry many heavy things like axes and water hoses. Even the vests firemen are required to wear weigh up to 40 pounds! Stamina is  important, as not all fires go out quickly. To ensure that all firemen are physically fit, there is a physical exam and various tests for physical strength. They will play a big part in getting your fireman training certificate. It is best to exercise regularly. Running and weightlifting can help you get in the best shape possible.
  2. Know the nature of your enemy. To say that you will put out a fire is a very general thing. There are different types of fire made by different types of things. They all have a unique way of spreading. Knowing what kind of fire you are dealing with will not only make your job easier. It can prevent disastrous accidents. Not all fires should be put out using water. Grease fires, for example, stem from oil in pans, which reach beyond burning point. Putting it out with water will cause the oil in the pan to make a fireball, reaching up to 30 feet in height!
  3. You can get the best training ever for free! Firefighters have volunteer departments where you can work. It is best to see the entire goings on first hand before experiencing it yourself. This builds character and helps you understand and appreciate the things firemen do to save lives. Experiences from their volunteer program will help shape you into the best firefighter you can be. Here, your training instructors will be real firemen.
  4. Remember that you are in training. This means you will have to pass many exams to get certain certificates. You will need a class certificate, to prove that you really have trained as part of a group. Exam certificates signify that you have passed the required exams taken to be a fireman. It is up to your training instructors if they give you other requirements such as writing and credit certificates.

Being a fireman requires skill, determination, and most of all, passion. It is a very demanding job not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and psychologically as well. You have to be able to think on your feet, as in fires, things can happen very quickly. Lives depend on firefighters, and they have to be able to withstand extreme conditions, sometimes for long periods of time. Being a fireman is a very hard, noble job. If you want to make your childhood dream of being a firefighter come true, follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to getting a certificate to be a fireman.


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