How To Get an Internship in the Entertainment Industry

How does someone get started in the entertainment industry? Does the job truck pull up at your door and whisk you away to a dream job? Get real. Is there a magic wand or crystal ball that will show you the job with your name on it? Laughable.

If you are looking for a job in the world of entertainment, it will probably take a lot of time and determination to get yourself on the right path.

Do you want to be an entertainer or do you want to work behind the scenes? Do you want to work with a director, a writer, a producer or a production company? Do you want to work in the film, music, or television industry? Do you want to work with set design, costuming, accounting, hair and makeup? Are you willing to put in long hours? Do you have the passion to put it all out on the line to get where you want to be?

The best way to start is to have experience. Do you have previous experience working in some aspect of the entertainment industry? Are you good with  numbers? Do you have strong interpersonal skills? Your chances of getting an internship are much higher if you are in school studying film, theatre arts, drama, or some aspect of the entertainment industry.

Establishing a contact network is a great way to keep building up to the job of your dreams. You can always start by working for your college's newspaper, radio, or if one is available, television station. You may have to develop a thick skin, because the competition in the entertainment industry is fierce and there are highs and lows, as well as rejection. If the job you want is in another state, you may have to think about relocating for the duration. Being flexible and amenable to change is another important character aspect that employers look for.

Don't be shy if you don't have a lot of work experience. If you can fill out an application with correct spelling and punctuation, you may have already won half the battle. Don't say you can do one type of job without ever having done it, you may be in for a shock if you're actually asked to do it.

With the wealth of websites that announce internships, you  may be able to find just the right one you are looking for. Some good places to start your search:,, and

If you know what type of work you want to do, try applying to a few different venues, as one opportunity may lead  to another.


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