How To Get Certified to Become a Building Inspector in Florida

In every city’s infrastructure, if the architects and engineers are the superstars, building inspectors are, indeed, the silent heroes.  Silent heroes because these professionals are the ones responsible for making sure that the buildings are meeting the one, true thing which is sometimes overlooked but ultimately considered as the most important  core— safety.  These inspectors are the ones that take on the daunting task of making sure that every aspect of construction—from its floor down to its fire alarms and fire exits—will not only be compliant to, but will pass the standards as well, of local building codes, municipal ordinances and zoning regulations before it’s deemed safe for the public occupancy.

Of course, for a job that entails so much expertise, a license is obviously in order.  So if you are a building inspector that has all the experience and expertise required but still missing a license, read on to find out how.

  • Meet the requirements.  Meeting the requirements is above all, the most important thing you need to do before applying for a license.  Age and education is key as these are two things you need to meet first.  So, if you are 18 years old and above, of good moral character and have at least 5 years of experience in building inspection and construction then congratulations, you are on your way in becoming a certified building inspector.  
    In Florida, however, aside from the 5 year experience, the Building Code Administrator and Inspectors Board also require applicants to either have a post- secondary education in the construction field which amounts to 4 years with one, full year of experience in construction, building inspection and plans review; or hold a standard certificate issued by the board and completion of a 200-hour minimum building inspector training program approved by the board. Feel free to visit the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation website at for more information on the matter.
  • Schedule a test.  There are two licensing examinations you need to take before you become certified: The International Code Council Commercial Building Inspector technical and Florida Principles and Practices examinations.  By going to their websites, (for technical) and (for principles and practices), you will find instructions on how to apply.  A nominal fee will also be required.   Once you receive your authorization notice, you may now schedule your examination dates either by phone or online.  Keep in mind that reservations are made on a first-come, first- served basis so it is wise to call in or schedule early.  A confirmation number of your reservation will be given or sent to your e-mail as well.  Study hard and good luck!
  • Pass the test.  Once you pass the test, you will become certified.  Remember to renew your license before it expires and must complete 14 hours of continuing education before your renewal date. 

Becoming a certified building inspector in Florida sure is not an easy task.  Clearly, there is more to building, inspecting and conforming to any city’s safety precautions than meets the eye.  It takes real dedication and hard work for one to succeed and no one knows it more than these silent heroes whose dreams of creating a safer world never stop.


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