How To Get Employees to Quit

If you're the owner of a business or a supervisor of a team at work, you might already be aware that one of the best ways to improve employees' performance is to level up employee satisfaction. This may take a lot of effort from you as their boss, but know that, as improving employee satisfaction will do a lot towards improving job productivity, all steps you take will definitely be worth it. If you want to know what things you should avoid if you want your employees to be happy at the company, then it might do you good to know how to get employees to quit. This will help you take steps towards the other direction. Here are some of the surest ways that you can get employees to quit, and fast: 

  1. Disrespect them. Perhaps the one single thing that you could do as a boss to get your employees to quit is to disparage them and to not treat them as the adult professionals that they are. Disrespecting your employees doesn't simply mean shouting at them or publicly humiliating them; it could also mean not trusting them to make their own decisions, and not valuing their time and ideas.
  2. Give them tasks that do not fit their abilities or job descriptions. Nothing kills an employees' motivation at work more than being assigned tasks that they are not prepared to do, and being bypassed for responsibilities that they are equipped for. If you want your employees to quit, this is exactly what you should do.
  3. Set unreasonable deadlines. You should spring sudden or unrealistic deadlines to your employees if you want them to quit. Don't take note of their current projects and load, and just assign additional projects to them randomly, with urgent deadlines.
  4. Don't give them room for advancement. Make your employees feel that they're at a career graveyard. Constantly bypass them for promotion, give them routine tasks, and never give them the opportunity to prove themselves. If they do start to shine, take all the credit yourself.
  5. Give unprofessional criticism. Another surefire way of getting your employees to quit is to give them criticism that isn't aimed towards their self-improvement, but which simply aim to make them feel bad about themselves. Feel free to give your opinions such as, "That presentation was the worst," and then don't be specific about his improvement areas and what he should do to be better next time.
  6. Be unfair. Don't think of perks and rewards for performance, and be careful not to give credit where it is due. Pretty soon, your employees will realize that no amount of effort from them is recognized, and they will become complacent and lazy about fulfilling their tasks. This will soon lead to them wanting to get out of their career rut.

There you have it! These are some of the surefire ways that you can get employees to quit. Remember, if you don't want your employees to leave, then be sure to do the exact opposite of all the tips above! Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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