How To Get Fingerprinted

Fingerprint is useful in identifying a person because each person has a unique fingerprint. Fingerprint recognition or fingerprint authentication is the process of checking if two fingerprints match. Automated fingerprinting is now done using scanners. Before the scanners were available, ink and cards were used for getting the fingerprint. Even if the skin of the finger burned or had a scratch, this will still not alter the fingerprint of the person. Fingerprinting can be done for different reasons such as employment, court-orders, crimes and background checks. Fingerprints are usually needed for a new job. This is usually one of the requirements of the employers. To get fingerprinted you need to have clean hands, fingerprint cards, identification, money that you will use to pay for the fingerprinting and the place where you will get fingerprinted.

To get fingerprinted, follow the steps below:

  • Law enforcement agencies usually do fingerprinting. These are done on specific schedules. You can contact your local law enforcement agency regarding their schedule for fingerprinting and see if you can get the service.
  • If fingerprinting is available at your local law enforcement agency, make sure to ask for the requirements or what you need for the fingerprinting. An ID is definitely one of the requirements. However you need to ask how many IDs you need to bring. This is because other agencies require more than one ID for you to present. If you forgot to ask how many IDs you need to bring, bring at least 2 IDs to be sure.
  • Ask how much you need to pay for fingerprinting and what mode of payment do they accept. Mode of payment can be cash, money order, check or credit cards. Fingerprinting can cost you about $20 or less.
  • Make sure that your hands are clean before going to the location where you will be fingerprinted but do not apply lotion. Do not wash your hands the moment before getting your fingerprints because this will have an effect on the result. If the result is not clear, you may need to do the process again.
  • Once on you’re on the location where you will be fingerprinted, present your IDs to the officer and whatever requirements they need for the process.
  • Listen to the instruction given by the officer for the fingerprinting. The officer will tell you which finger will be fingerprinted first and so on. The officer will then guide your hands on where to position your finger. Do not press your finger unless the officer tells you so.
  • Set aside your fingerprint card in a safe place so that it will not get wet when the officer gives you squirt soap to clean your hands. This special squirt soap will remove the stamping material that was used in fingerprinting. You can also wash your hands with soap and water even after you were given the squirt soap if you feel like there’s still substance left on your fingers.

You now have your fingerprinted and you can pass this requirement to your new employer.


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