How To Get Free Headshot Photos for Acting and Modeling

If you’re an aspiring actor or model, then you need to get professional head shots to attract the attention of talent managers. Headshots can be expensive if taken by professional photographers, but there are creative ways to get free headshot photos. Below are steps and guides to help you get free headshot photos for acting and modeling.

Determine what kind of acting or modeling are you up to. There are various headshots for different kinds of acting and modeling. If you will hire a professional photographer then you have no worries. But if you have a photographer friend but not accustomed in fashion or commercial photography then you need to guide him. The common types of headshots are:

Commercial. You need to smile and project friendliness and warmth.
Theatrical.  Focus. Don’t smile because you need to look serious.
Glamour. You need different shots so the talent managers or agents can see your range.
Natural. you need to be photographed with natural light.

  • Get the most excellent headshot photographer. Find or target new talented photographers. Most newbie photographers want to express their artistry so it’s easy to befriend or negotiate with them to get your headshots. Remember that new and seasoned photographers need you as same as you need them. Acting and modeling is a business and this kind of relationship in the entertainment industry is always corporate. Ask for the credentials of the photographer even if he is a newbie. You dream to become an actor or a model so you need to get your best headshot possible.
  • Find an agent. Enter acting workshops and seminars. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone because you’ll enhance your acting and modeling skills and acting and modeling agents can eye you. Befriend other actors and models because there’s a big possibility that they know some agents that can give you a shot at your acting or modeling career.

    List the schedules of upcoming acting and modeling seminar workshops and enter the most recognized event. Travel, if there is a need for you to travel. If you are sincere to become an accomplish actor or model, then you need to invest money, sweat and tears.

    If you can’t find an agent, then try to get the contact numbers or the e-mail addresses of the most respected agents and send them your headshot portfolio. Guts are very important in the entertainment industry, even if you are already accomplished; you still need guts to survive.

  • Find casting agencies. The top casting agencies in Hollywood are William Morris Endeavor (WME), United Talent Agency (UTA), International Creative Management (ICM), and Creative Artists Agency (CAA). These four casting agencies dominate the entertainment industry because they have lots of global agents and they represent various acting and modeling line including film, publishing, sports, commercials, directing, endorsements, theatre, voice-overs among others.

    Aim to land in one of the said agencies but don’t lose hope if you can’t get in. Just persevere and always enhance your skills and persona. You can start small and build a gradual but stable career. People will notice you if you’re really good.

  • DIY headshot photography. This might be your last resort but this could be your best option. Even if you don’t have a high-end camera, you can get the best headshots by correct angle and lighting. You can also photograph yourself by using a tripod and camera timer.

After you have compiled your headshot portfolio, present it in a professional and engaging way. Remember that there are lots of aspiring actors and models so you need to become really competitive. 


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