How To Get Grant Writing Certification

Are you looking for a writing job? Do you want to help non-profit organizations raise fund for their projects? If you answered "yes" to these two questions, then your luck is on grant writing so consider applying as a grant writer. What do you do as a grant writer, you might ask? Well, your task is to write and prepare documents for organizations, which are seeking for grants in their programs and activities. The good news is that, this writing job needs no educational prerequisite or license only certification. Yes, just be a certified grant writer first and then organizations will be looking for you for the job. Learn the tips to get a certification in grant writing and pretty soon work will be knocking on your door.

Apply for certification at the American Association of Grant Professionals or AAGP. Learn about AAGP and know how to be certified. AAGP is marked as the most prominent and popularly-known grant writing certification provider in the industry. Take time to know everything about AAGP and all its requirements to be certified as a grant writer.   

Achieve eligibility. As a requirement of AAGP, you need to earn 120 points before you are qualified to take the eligibility exam. Obtain an associate's degree to acquire 20 points and finish a bachelor's degree to earn 40 points.

Get grant writing jobs to a non-profit organization in your local community. This will earn you additional points needed for your certification. At least have a three year experience as a grant writer and achieve five grants approval to gain 50 points for your overall total of 120. Start with small jobs and use your acquired experience to help you reach your way to the top once you are already fully certified.

Be professionally developed. Encourage yourself to attend classes, seminars, trainings, conferences, workshops and other professional enhancement programs to earn up to 50 points towards reaching your aim of 120.

Volunteer for community works. Be a member of your local community organizations and volunteer to help in their programs and activities. This will definitely help you reach your 120 point goal to take the certification exam.

Apply for the examination. The moment you have acquired 120 points, register immediately for the certification exam given by AAGP. Be ready to give proof of your obtained 120 points with a sign affidavit proving the information you have given is true.    

Pass the certification exam. AAGP gives three to five different exams all throughout the year for grant writing certification. The association holds each exam at a different place all over US that's why it is better if you wait for an exam that is closer to your place to minimize your expenses.   

As a side note, if you're already a member of a non-profit organization, you can ask if the organization is willing to provide you with a travel allowance and pay for your fees for the exam. Prove to them that you really deserve to be financed for the exam and that you will be a good asset for the organization once you get grant writing certification.


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