How To Get Help Finding a Biotechnology Job

Biotechnology is a combination of both science and technology; and finding a job related to this field is not easy for some.  But the internet has made this search easy and convenient to do.  It requires the right experience and background for an applicant to get hired for the job. 

Here are some quick steps to be followed on how to seek help in finding a biotechnology job.

  • Check with institutions that offer courses or programs related to biotechnology. For sure, somebody from the staff can assist in recommending possible employers for this field.  Whether you finished a degree from the institution you visited, or not, the college career office will most likely refer you to employers as they can use it to attract potential biotechnology students.  However, if the college or university where you finished your degree is accessible and near your place, talk to your department adviser.  Especially if you had achieved so much in college, your school can vouch you for any employer looking for a biotechnologist. 
  • Don't settle with your search via schools, colleges, or institutions.  Widen it by making use of biotechnology agencies.  Sometimes, these agencies have connections with biotech employers.  When you talk to them regarding your pursuit of getting this kind of job that matches your interest and background, then they can help you find biotechnology jobs in your locality.
  • If you are still a student, probably in your senior year, know the career fair schedule in your school and try your luck by attending career fairs.  Inquire at a certain biotechnology company so you will know what kind of personnel they are looking for.  Ask questions that may help you land in a biotech job as well as asking questions on how to get a job with the company.  Ensure that you are getting the right education for this field.  Take extra time to work in a biotech field and consider volunteering at a hospital and taking an internship with a company of a related field.  These will help you gauge if you like the job or not; also, you can include your experiences in your resume to make it more attractive.
  • Use the web.  Find companies in your desired area that hire workers for a biotech job.  The internet has always been the best and has the most abundant resources for various jobs including biotechnology.  Post your resume on some online job sites that offer biotech jobs.  Internet sites offering this kind of job where resumes can be posted are and  Posting your resume is simple as you only need to sign up to get your own user name and password; then just follow the steps on both websites to keep you started.  You will need to create your profile and submit your resume so that potential employers can easily view your credentials online and contact you for an interview if you deem qualify for the job.
  • Friends and family members may also be of great help.  Get in touch with a friend or member of your family who works in a biotechnology company. You can ask for referrals if possible. Oftentimes, the best opportunities when finding a job come from other people through word of mouth.


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