How To Get Over the Loss of a Job

Losing a job is one of the most traumatic life changing events you'll ever experience. Being fired, dismissed, laid-off, or receiving a pink slip to lose a job really hurts. The feeling of being unemployed can set off some rough spots with resentment and despair. Unemployment increases susceptibility to mental stress and loss of self-esteem leading to depression. According to a study published in Social Indicator Research, even people who are optimistic have difficulties looking with the bright side of things when they become unemployed. Emotionally traumatic, a typical cycle of denial, anger, and frustration may develop.

Do not let this pull you down. This difficult cycle eventually ends with adaptation. To adapt or to cope is the most effective way to deal with this problem. Job loss is like getting sick. And like with getting sick, there are remedies for it. Here are steps to deal with this difficult situation:

  1. Deal with it. To lose a job is extremely difficult. To many of us, we identify ourselves with what we do for a living. Losing a job hurts but you can't cry all day. You have to muster yourself up and face this problem. You have to regain your will to work again. Why? You have to look at the practical issue. Determine if you still have the financial resources to sustain yourself and your loved ones. Get some emotional support from your family and friends if needed. Decide if a career change is in order and plan your future. Keep in mind that there are lots of opportunities out there. Regain your ambitions to be employed so that you will be able to support yourself and your loved ones.
  2. Work out your practical issues. Check your financial status to see how long you can provide for yourself and your family. Try to gauge how much time you will need to get another job. Confirm if you are qualified for unemployment compensation. The U.S. Department of Labor web site has information on unemployment compensation. Use your resources wisely as you need it to restore your career.
  3. Move on. As soon as you are finished dealing with the emotional and practical issues, you must decide where to go from here. Try to find out why you lost your job. Is your company downsizing the employee count? Is there a new trend in the industry? Do you wish to stay in the same field? Is career changing an option? It's time to gather up your skills and make yourself more noticeable for companies to hire you. Find opportunities in fields that help in attaining success. Rather than looking at job loss as a terrible thing, it might be better to look at the brighter side of things. Think of it as a chance to learn some new skills or enhance the ones you already have.

These steps are easier read than done and it may be difficult to start over a new career. But you have to learn to stand and walk again. Wear again the positive attitude that gives you a purpose. Gather the will to be amongst the employed once again. Job loss is not a complete disadvantage; it gives you a chance to take the career you truly belong.


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