How To Get Paid More to Temp

You might be thinking about how to earn extra money.  If so, then temping is one of your choices; it could be the best one while you are looking for a permanent job. Temporary jobs usually pay less than what you should be paid as a full time employee; and some might encounter these situations especially at times when they need those jobs. You can follow these tips on how to get paid more to temp and get the payment you think is worth it.

  • Start off by asking your employer politely of what the pay rate is before you accept the temporary assignment. Most agencies will more likely try to let you say "yes" first before they tell you what the pay rate is. So keep in mind that you should never agree to any temporary assignments you might get until you know the pay rate.
  • Most temporary job agencies might need you more than you need them so do not be afraid to say no to offers. You can always decline if you think that the pay rate is below average and you can simply hold out for some assignment that could pay a little higher than the offer.
  • Try to assert yourself and try to set a specific rate or value that you want before you take on the assignment. If you make the initiative they would follow it.
  • You might be one of the temps that do not know of how much the agency is getting paid for every assignment. Usually, the agencies give you around $14 an hour but the client will pay the agency for around $24 an hour. The agency simply calls you and if you take the job, they sit back and they get an extra $10 for every hour just by simply placing you on the job.
  • It's not that hard for the temp agencies to give you an extra pay rate for an hour. Especially, when you are being aggressive with your aims they will increase the rates; this is also better and effective at the end of the day and they will try to look for anyone who could fill in the job. You can always bargain for an extra income like simply asking for an increase in the rates in a nice manner. They will usually give in to your requests instead of them making more phone calls to look for someone who could fill in the job for a lower pay rate.
  • You don't have to worry about losing the assignment when they do not accept your requests. As the next day, they might even call you for a higher paying assignment and till then they will know what you are worth.
  • You can always look for more temporary jobs in your area. The temporary job agency you are currently in isn't the only one there. You can always try to look for much more generous employers.


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