How To Get Trained in Permanent Makeup Tattooing

Having face tattoo

Everybody will say that having a Henna tattoo is okay. But when it comes to permanent tattoo, everybody has a different reaction. But what if this painful insertion of pigments unto the skin will make you beautiful? Imagine if you have permanent cosmetics — yes, a tattoo makeup. You don't have to wear makeup everyday. You're already wearing permanent eyebrows, permanent lipstick, permanent blush on, and so on. If these people would wake up with makeup already on, then they will surely say it's okay to have permanent tattoo makeup.

Fortunately, you can now have the chance of applying permanent cosmetics to people. Perhaps, more of them will realize that tattooing is really an art. There are training lessons intended for future tattoo artists who want to practice applying permanent cosmetics.

These trainings are the answer to an overwhelming demand for permanent lipstick and permanent eyebrows. Aside from that, people do not only have permanent beauty forever but they get to save on makeup cost and supplies. People with allergies to makeup are so thankful of permanent makeup tattooing because they can be beautiful without suffering allergic reactions.

Isn't it fun to make people more beautiful? So, get trained — offline and online.

  • Offline Training
    Before you go through the Web, search your local directory first for any schools offering permanent makeup tattooing. You're lucky enough if the trainings are obviously named. However, most trainings on permanent makeup tattooing are only part of cosmetics or tattooing.

    For that, you can simply call trainings on tattooing or cosmetics. Ask them if they offer training on permanent makeup tattooing. Some of these do but only at a certain time. So if there is still an opening, grab it because you don't know when another training on permanent makeup tattooing will be offered again.

    Meanwhile, you can still choose online training if you need to save some time or if no local training center is offering the course yet.

  • Online Training
    Before you look for distance training online, why don't you look for local trainings on permanent makeup being advertised online? At least, you can use the power of the Internet to get the full benefits of learning the craft. But then again, nothing in your local school offers this course, then that's probably the time to deal with distance education. For that, you can check out the following Web sites:
    • Eyerly - Training offered by this Web site will still be done practically in North Carolina. But don't worry about that because you just need to save for the travel expenses to get there. But why care to spend your time traveling? Well, because Janice Eyerly is a trusted and proven professional in the field. She has gained a lot of recognition and certifications to prove her worth in teaching the craft.
    • Micro-Pigmentation Centre - This Web site can be your one-stop shop and training center for permanent makeup. They are selling products for the craft and schedule training classes as well.
    • Wake Up With Make Up - The Web site offers actual makeup tattooing aside from offering training for those who want to learn this cosmetics technique.

One or two trainings are not enough to call you an expert makeup tattoo artist. You need a constant practice for about four or five years before you can be considered an expert. Your interest to get trained in permanent makeup is already a good start to that.


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