How To Get Your Job Back after Being Fired

It can be very distressing and humiliating when you get fired from a job that you like for no apparent reason. There are times that office politics play a major part in the decision making that forces the human resources department to hire a new worker to replace one that has been victimized by an incompetent or power-grabbing supervisor. If you think that your cause was due to discriminatory reasons, it is still possible to get your job back.

  1. After the initial shock of knowing that you are fired, use the remaining days that you are allowed to stay on the job to find out the actual reasons for your termination. Get the facts from the human resources department. You are entitled to know why you are being fired when you know that you have done nothing wrong and that the work you have been rendering are exemplary.
  2. Talk with other employees and find out if there have been other cases such as yours. There may have been previous incidences where employees were fired due to race, gender or age. The office grapevine is a useful source of information in cases like this. Gather as much evidence that will show that the company has been violating the employment guidelines. You will need this concrete evidence when you have to file a case against the company.
  3. Document all that have transpired before and after your firing. Check your state laws regarding discriminatory dismissals. Knowing the law and where you stand are good weapons to have against cases like this. You should also visit the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website to learn more about the laws and regulations on employment discrimination.
  4. Review the company’s policies and employees’ handbook to determine whether they have the right to fire you. If you are a member of an employees’ union, take up your case with the union steward and check the employment contract to see if there are violations done by the company.
  5. File a report with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission branch office in your state. Find out what types of supporting documents you need to submit to them to make a case.
  6. Seek the help of an attorney who has specialization in employment discrimination. You can require the lawyer either for consultation or for representation. Through the attorney’s direction send a formal letter to the human resources department of the company which fired you and inform them that you believe you have been a victim of discriminatory dismissal. Tell them that you want to know what solution they can come up with to remedy the situation and that you want to be reinstated to avoid legal action against the company. If they fail to respond, you have the option to hire an attorney to represent you.

Have witnesses attest to the veracity of your proofs. When seeking an audience with company representatives, make sure that you bring a witness with you. Aim to remain calm throughout the proceeding to show that you are professional and you want the issue resolved within the limits of the law. If it has been proven that the company violated your employment rights, you will be able to get your job back and hopefully be entitled to receive compensation during the time that you were not able to work.


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