How To Get Your Team Enthused With Team Building Activities

Team building activities are an essential part to any business. Every workplace is composed of teams - a company is like one giant team itself. Team building activities help foster a sense of rapport between members of teams, and studies have shown that increased rapport leads to increased work motivation. Team building will help your workers gain enthusiasm for the work they do simply because they feel like they belong with the rest of your team. Not only that, but they help improve the teamwork skills of the participants. Team members will learn to trust and respect each other, creating a more positive work atmosphere and further boosting morale in the workplace. At the very least, they offer your workers a welcome break from the humdrum of typical office life.

There are many ways to go about team building. One popular way is to throw regular office parties. It gives people a chance to cut loose and relax. It'll also give them a chance to get to know each other in a more casual setting. With the right mix of activities, ice breakers, and fun elements, your teams can start feeling like families.

In this regard, it might be helpful to hire a professional event planner. Many of those who work with events have experience in putting together team building activities for companies large and small. This could be particularly useful if you're toying with the idea of throwing a theme party. An event planner will help you solidify the theme you've got in your head, or will help you come up with ideas if you don't have any yet.  In addition, they'll also be able to cobble a program together that will include business games designed to increase productivity and enthusiasm in workers.

If your business is far too busy to throw a party, there are still a few team building exercises that can help increase enthusiasm in the office, while taking only about an hour or so. There can be talks or seminars on improving communication skills, on quotes from successful team leaders, or even just a quick company-wide lunch. Again, an event planner will be able to help you out with this. You can also go the more clinical route and consult a psychologist for advice. There's a specific branch of psychology that deals with organizations, and organizational psychologists are well-versed in effective team building activities.

Whichever you choose to do, the important thing is that it have these basic elements of team building activities:

  • Relevance. The activity should be something that is relevant to the entire group. If, for example, you run a health food company but you throw a pizza party, you lose out a lot on the activity's significance.
  • Inclusiveness. Since you're doing this for team building, every single member of the team should be included in the activity.
  • Skill Development. Every good team building activity develops at least one important team-related skill, even those that seem like parties. Most often, the skills that are developed are intra-team communication skills.
  • Proven. Above all, the team building activities should be proven by studies and results to increase employee enthusiasm.


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