How To Give a Motivational Speech

"Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me." People often use this popular quotation against hurtful words. People say this to themselves to prevent from getting hurt. However, words do have power and can affect someone's life. It can incite change, break hearts, bring hope and inspire people. From mere terms and sayings, the power of words has evolved into a reliable source of income. People can easily earn money from inspiring people and giving motivational speeches.

Here are some tips that you can use to give a motivational speech.

  • Find out if you have the gift for gab. Some people dream of becoming motivational speakers but simply lack the gift for oral fluency. It is not enough that you plan in becoming a motivational speaker. You also have to make sure that you possess the necessary skill or talent. Some people get stage fright while others do not have what it takes to capture the people's interest. Keep on practicing. Deliver your speech in front of the mirror. Practice giving a speech in front of a selected crowd. Do not forget to get their feedback.
  • Decide on how to package yourself. A motivational speaker must know and cultivate his or her own "niche." This means that you have to be knowledgeable on a particular field. You can choose from many topics. Are you a motivational speaker for career paths? Maybe you are more comfortable talking about love. Maybe you are comfortable in speaking on money, friendship or family. In order to become an effective motivational speaker, look back in your own life. Find out which area you excel. List down the obstacles and problems you had to overcome. Keep in mind that people love to hear about success stories.
  • Write your speech. Write down what you want to say to the crowd. List your main ideas in bullet points. Remember not to write every single word down in paper. You want to be as spontaneous and dynamic as possible. Use cue cards or index cards when delivering your speech. These should contain your keywords and major points. If you are not a good writer, another option is to hire a ghostwriter. Your ghostwriter will write the speech but you must provide the ideas. Also, do not forget to include catchy phrases. Search for interesting lines that relates to your topic. It will be better if you write your own catchphrase.
  • Be concise, funny and insightful. To capture the attention of your audience, the first part of your speech should be funny or hilarious. You can even research about the demographics of your audience so you can inject some private jokes. Do not forget to add an emotional story to appeal to your crowd's soft spot. Talk about ordinary people so that the crowd can easily relate. Just make sure that you get your message across. You might want to pause before saying something important; this will brace the audience for what you are about to say. This will create a dramatic effect.

Although you are motivating your audience, you have to make sure that you are motivating them to do something "doable." Motivational speeches are about inspiring people to dream, believe and achieve something. However, it is not part of your job to give false hopes.


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