How To Give a Persuasive Speech

Everyone, at some point, has to present a persuasive speech. The area where you give your speech might vary. You might find yourself in a stage, a room or a regular dining table. Similarly, the reasons for giving it might vary. You should give persuasive speeches to convince people or to thwart an idea.

Here are some tips that you can use to give a persuasive speech.

  • You should research about the topic of your speech. There are many reasons for giving a persuasive speech. In some cases, the speaker might not personally believe on the subject matter. For whatever reason, you still have to be knowledgeable about your topic. Keep in mind that a speaker becomes credible when he or she knows a lot about a particular subject. If you happen to dislike or believe against your topic, at least feign enthusiasm.
  • Know your target audience. One of the keys to a successful speech is your mastery of your target audience. If you do your research, you can customize your speech to accommodate your audience interest. This way, you can include inside jokes and private stories. You can even talk about something that everyone knows.
  • Practice listing down your arguments on paper. Before you present your speech, make sure that you prepare for it. Outline your main arguments. Create a bullet for your sub points. Write your main arguments or keywords on cue cards. If you are using visual presentation, include the key texts. Back up your main arguments with logical explanations. Choose your presentation materials wisely. There are many available resources.
  • Pick out credible resources. When you choose examples for your arguments, pick something that will evoke an emotion. You can use statistics, pictures, news articles or videos. The materials are endless. Just make sure that your resources are credible and reliable. The right examples can evoke the proper emotion. Keep in mind that the best way to convince a crowd is to hit the right spot.
  • Appeal to the intellect. It is not enough that you appeal to the crowd's emotions. You also have to match it with logical arguments. Present your arguments in order. Open your speech with something emotional but make sure that you still sound rational. The key to this is finding the right resources and examples.
  • Practice your speech. Do this in front of a mirror or in front of a small group. Look at your facial expression. Check your nuisances. Do not forget to ask for feedback. A shaking voice or an uncertain body language is not good for persuasive speeches. In order to make others believe you, you have to sound believable. Make sure that your posture is upright. Control your hand gestures. Your voice should be enthusiastic and steady.

The above tips can help you give a persuasive speech. Do not forget to relax and enjoy. Be passionate. Close your speech with a summary of your main arguments. Time yourself before you present your speech. You must not take too long. Keep it short and concise.


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